Strawberry Buttermilk Sorbet

does anyone else feel a little less guilty when they down an entire pint of sorbet? no? that’s just me? okay then. here’s what i like about sorbet: it seems healthier than ice cream or candy or cookies or brownies (all of which i adore), and it’s fresh. as in, cool, refreshing, perfect for summer fresh. i’m also big into strawberries. as soon as they start populating the fruit stands on the streets of NYC, i’m all, “you give me 2 for $5? alright i’ll take 4 boxes.” i know, my bartering skills are top notch, don’t mess. 

this month’s issue of cooking light (a great foodie mag, don’t be fooled by the “light” title) contained an entire section about to do with spring and summer strawberries. ALL HAIL THE BERRY GODS! i am making me some shortcake, stat. but in the meantime, the temps rose to the high heavens last week in new york, and i felt it was time to pull my ice cream maker out of storage. apparently, the cooking gods agreed, because they sent me this recipe, for strawberry buttermilk sherbet. note: i’m calling mine sorbet. try and stop me. 

this recipe is the epitome of fresh and easy. all you need is buttermilk, strawberries, agave nectar, and a little bit of fresh lemon juice (grab yourself some meyer lemons…mmm…DELISH). the recipe also calls for some chambord, but i’m not classy enough to have that sort of thing on hand in my kitchen, so i did a bit of snooping around on the internet. according to my boy david lebovitz, alcohol in sorbets/sherbets helps them freeze right – not too hard, not too soft. too much alcohol, though, and you’ll just have a drunken mess. i opted for about a teaspoon or two of vodka in my sherbet, and i have to say, it turned out damn good!


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