Chickity China The Chinese Chicken (Orange Sesame Chicken)

chinese food is one of those cuisines that i never dared to attempt at home. living in new york city, where you can get literally anything you’d like (food, drugs, sex, drinks, deliveries) at any hour of the day, it always seemed easier to just pick up the phone and call j.east (my local chinese delivery resto) than to make chinese food myself. that is, until i tried this recipe for orange sesame chicken. holy amazing party in my mouth. YOU GUYS, i made CHINESE FOOD. FROM SCRATCH. AND IT LOOKS JUST LIKE THE REAL THING. i even have photographic evidence! seriously, though, this recipe is DELICIOUS and so easy to make. sure, it takes a little time – but basically, you chop up some chicken breasts, dip them in batter, fry those babies up, and then coat them in sauce. 

the aforementioned sauce isn’t at all difficult to make, and contains cabinet must-haves like ketchup and honey, sugar and sesame oil. i swear, this meal is magic. i like to serve it with some freshly steamed broccoli and top it all off with chopped scallions. 


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