Monthly Archives: April 2012

oatmeal raisin cookies from the all-american cookie book.* perfectly dense and deliciously chewy, these babies are everything a great cookie should be. 

*i received this book for hanukkah a few years ago, and it’s probably the only cookbook i use on a regular basis. the author, nancy baggett, is a true cookie connoisseur; for every recipe in the book, she’s got a back story to go with it. for instance, did you know that the earliest oatmeal raisin cookie recipe appeared in a church cookbook published way back in 1906? it wasn’t until 1910 that quaker oats put a cookie recipe on its box.

as a writer, i always thought i’d find a job where i’d spend the rest of my life writing. i thought i’d work in advertising, that maybe i’d write a novel someday, that whatever i did, it would involve the written word.

that was all well and good – until i got laid off. suddenly, i wasn’t just questioning where my next paycheck was going to come from, but where my life was going to come from. it sounds dumb, doesn’t it? but losing your job makes you wonder whether you were ever really meant to do that job in the first place.

for the past two years, i’ve been toting baked goods into my (former) office at least once a week. there are few places where i feel truly at peace, and the kitchen is one of them. sure, i love to eat, but i love to bake even more. my coworkers have been asking me for months when i was going to quit my 9 to 5 and open a bakery. well, the company’s gone and done the quitting for me – but the bakery part, that’s up to me.

since i live in new york city, otherwise known as the home of $9.99 boxes of raspberries and real estate that you couldn’t afford even if you sold your soul to the devil, i’m starting here, with a blog, where i’ll feature my favorite baked goods. 

they say sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself – here’s hoping i can find myself in a big ‘ol bowl of cookie dough – preferably, oatmeal raisin.