Chai Cupcakes. Otherwise known as Cupcake Crack.


hi, my name is sarah, and i am a chai-a-holic. i can’t start my day without a venti iced nonfat chai from my besties over at starbucks (they really are my besties, they know my name and my order. we’re friends, right?). i’m partial to starbucks’ tazo brand, but if pressed, i can also drink oregon chai and whatever brand they serve at the green bean (a wonderful breakfast place in my hometown of northampton, mass). 

as an individual who could and should be admitted to chai rehab should such a thing ever be created, you can imagine my happiness when i stumbled across this recipe for chai cupcakes. chai CUPCAKES. i mean, hello GAWH-JUS. come to mama. i made these babies yesterday, and to my delight, they taste pretty darn close to the real thing. i couldn’t stop myself from shoving my fingers into the frosting a few times before i actually frosted the cupcakes themselves – but i’m telling you, if you make these for yourself, you won’t be able to stop either. frosting delirium. 

the cupcakes themselves are pretty close to perfect as well – not overly sweet; they could almost masquerade as muffins if they didn’t have frosting on top. lightbulb moment…can i eat these for breakfast?

i didn’t change a thing from this recipe, so hop on over there to see it for yourself. 

note: my cupcakes are decidedly less fancy-pants than miss jenna’s. when it comes to frosting, i’m not a piper. i like to just swirl it on with the spatula and let it settle. but that’s why hers look way prettier than mine. 


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