Kitchen Envy


for most new yorkers, a big, spacious, airy kitchen is the stuff dreams are made of. unless you’re carrie bradshaw and you use your oven for storage. but any amateur foodie in gotham will tell you they’d love some more cabinet space, more counter space, a place to store pots and pans. i’m quite lucky to have (by new york sizing) a relatively large kitchen. but i’d take any of these babies over mine any day.

a cute galley kitchen – NYC done right.


minty green cabinets. swoon.Image

this tile. the drum light. need i say more?Image

all white cabinets. someday!


wide open spaces.Image

the kind of pantry i can get behind. Image

  1. Wow. They are all gorgeous. I would trade my dinky kitchen for any one of them!

    • i know, right? me too! those mint green cabinets – i have dreams about those babies.

      • I know; those are my fave. Although my open cabinets would be a lot messier than those ones!

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