Belgian Frites and a Slew of Sauces


if you’ve ever spent a drunken night in new york city’s east village, chances are you’ve ended the evening at one of two places: pommes frites, or ray’s candy store. both are east village/new york institutions, purveyors of all things greasy and good. at both places, you order a large serving of fries and choose from a bevy of sauces, from chipotle mayo to sesame peanut to honey mustard and beyond. there’s some deliriously beautiful about standing in line at ray’s or pomme frites, your legs jittery from dancing, your hair caked to your neck with dried sweat, the scent of your deodorant creeping up to your nose, your head and your heart giddy with the fact that you live here in this beautiful crazy city and you’re out there soaking it up with every cell of your being. of course, there’s also something deliriously beautiful about stuffing your slightly tipsy face with fries and assorted sauces, of plopping yourself down on the nearest bench or stoop or one of pomme frites’ picnic-esque tables and sitting in silence as you eat, only the sounds of teeth coming down on crispy fries to keep you company. 

i’m partial to ray’s, because it’s an institution that’s been around forever, because it’s simple and sweet and a hole in the wall, and i love me a hole in the wall – but to be sure, pomme frites has more sauce options. but you know what? i can also make my own french fries, in my tiny but cozy kitchen, with the oil splattering the tiles on the back of my oven and dotting the floor with grease. and then i can make some of the amazing sauces (many of which are the same as the ones you can get at pomme frites) that i found over on saveur. YUM A LICIOUS. 


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