You’re Gonna Be a Big Success


next month, my little sister moves into her first apartment, all on her own – to say my heart is swelling with pride would be an understatement. she and my parents are fixing up an old house in an adorable little town next to my hometown, and while some of the features are so dated i can’t even look at them without squinting my eyes to blur the ugly, the place actually has great bones. think wide panel oak floors and crown molding and crystal doorknobs and pillars between the living and dining areas. we’re on a pretty tight budget in terms of decorating, but that doesn’t mean a gal can’t have fun on her pinterest, now does it? i’ve been enlisted to help pick paint colors and do what little interior design can be done on our dime, and i am having SO MUCH FUN. anyone who knows me knows i love a good DIY project, and i spend a good chunk of my free time perusing design blogs and bookmarking ideas for my “someday home.” Image

for the living room/dining area (which she’ll be using as a combination reading nook and study space, as she doesn’t entertain and hence, doesn’t need a formal dining area), we went with the lovely sidewalk gray by ben moore on the walls, complemented by a crisp clean white on the molding, wainscoting and doors (THERE IS WAINSCOTING. interior design happiness). she’s taking my old ikea couch, which, while not gorgeous, is comfy as can be and is easily spruced up with a few fun pillows (i’m eying etsy for a few ikat and suzani printed ones), and we’ve installed the ikea maskros as her chandelier in the middle of the space. we’re sprucing things up with a few fun table lamps and maybe a tripod-style standing lamp to add extra light, but what i really can’t wait to do is make her some framed prints.


remember how i said i love DIY? one of my favorite things to do isn’t even really a DIY. it’s more of a print and frame. my own living room “art” is a marilyn minter photo that i blew up via wizard prints and framed in a white ikea ribba frame – the whole project cost me under $50; a true minter piece would have run in the thousands. thank you, high res google images.

for my sister, i’d like to frame a series of prints in both her little reading nook and her living room. both spaces will be done in shades of blue gray and white with some pops of turquoise and yellow for brightness (and maybe even some coral and red if i can convince her). my favorite print – the one that i think the room can’t live without (in the study area, that is), is this one by julia kostreva. because everyone needs a little encouragement sometimes, and you know what? it’s true. you’re gonna be a big success. i just know it.

if interior design strikes your fancy, you can see a few other living room pieces over on my pinterest page. 


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