my favorite season

if you’ve been paying any attention around these parts, you may have figured out that i’m not exactly a big fan of the summer months; i favor cooler, crisper weather. so, it’s no surprise that fall is, by far, my absolute favorite season. i love everything about it. whipping out my scarves and my sweaters, my beanies and my gloves, layering up the wazoo and throwing on a leather jacket atop any outfit and calling it a day. i love baking with pumpkin, and picking fresh apples to turn into apple pie. i love cinnamon spiced cider and steaming hot chai, air so cool you can see your words freeze in the cold after you speak them. there’s really nothing like fall, is there? 

here are some of the things i’m currently loving for autumn – what i’m eating, wearing, buying, cooking, baking, and painting on my nails. all images, my pinterest page. 


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