inspiration: gallery walls


as a bonafide hgtv addict, i’m constantly rearranging my apartment, subtracting items and buying new ones, scouring craigslist for vintage finds, and perusing flea markets for perfect tchotchkes. my latest obsession is removing a wall decal i stuck up above my eating area four years ago and replacing it with a perfectly curated gallery wall, complete with a mirror in the middle. my living room is a bit dark because (god bless new york real estate) it’s technically a converted room (one giant room split into both bedroom and living room) and there are no real windows. mirrors, as everyone knows, add light – so i’m thinking my gallery wall will be best served with a mirror in the middle. preferably, a venetian or antique gilded one, though i’d settle for the simplicity of the round one in the photo below. i’ve been curating a pinterest board of prints i intend to order to create my gallery wall – with the addition of some ikea frames and some flea market finds, plus a slew of gold gilded frames i’ve been hoarding in my closet for years, i’ll have the gallery wall interior design dreams are made of. now, if only i could save up enough for the lucite chiavari chairs i so covet. Image


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