jennifer lawrence can do no wrong


can we talk about jennifer lawrence for a second? i know i’m not the only one talking about her today – girl won her first oscar, so the peanut gallery is abuzz – but i’m such a fan that i felt the need to type out a little ode to jlaw. i’ve been a fan ever since i saw her in the revered indie flick, winter’s bone, in which she played an entirely too resourceful, badass teenager in the ozark mountains trying to hunt down her father, a meth dealer who skipped out on his court date. jennifer’s turn as ree, a seventeen year old who’s in charge of taking care of her mentally ill mother and her two younger siblings, is haunting and yet somehow, hopeful. it also happened to be the role that proved her to be the perfect fit for the hunger games’ katniss everdeen. 


a first look at jennifer’s new campaign for dior.

 lawrence was, hands down, my first pick for katniss (and i feel very strongly about how hollywood casts my favorite movies), and i was thrilled when she got the part. she did, of course, kill it in the first movie, and i can’t wait to see how she shines in the next one. but that aside – last night, jennifer won the best actress oscar for her work in the silver linings playbook, and she was so self-effacing and NORMAL on both the red carpet and accepting her award that i couldn’t help but fall a little but more in love with her.

jennifer lawrence falls accepting oscar award

Falling on the stairs to accept her Best Actress Oscar. The girl is a living, breathing HUMAN, folks.

 celebrities that seem like real people – emma stone is a great example – are few and far between. but jennifer appears to be one of them. over the past year, she went from acclaimed indie actress who could still shop at whole foods to the star of a multimillion dollar series who has to have friends pick up her groceries. and she’s  done it with impeccable grace and an irrepressible sense of humor.

 ms. lawrence, you are one in a million. 

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  1. I’m with ya girl! I LOVEEEEE me some Jennifer Lawrence. She’s so different from what the usual Hollywood scene looks like. Down to earth ladies in the limelight are so hard to find!

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