wishlist: sunburst mirrors

as i’ve mentioned on this here blog in the past, i’m in the process of slowly redoing my living room/dining area. now, lest you think i’m talking about a huge, open space with seating for ten and an oversized couch and cozy leather chair, i’d like to remind you that i live in new york city, where space comes at a premium, and you’re likely to have to sell your soul for lots of closet space. my living/dining area isn’t tiny, by new york standards, but it’s not palatial either. as i look to redesign my space, the number one thing on my list is a big mirror to hang over my eating area. i’ve had my heart set on a sunburst mirror for a few years now, and i think i’m finally ready to take the plunge. i’ve been saving up my dolla dolla bills to purchase a few of the things on my list for the space, and i think a mirror might be first. for those who don’t watch HGTV as much as i do, rule number one to making a small space feel light and airy is to add mirrors. mirrors reflect light (duh), so they’re a great option for new york city living (where things are often relatively dark and not exactly enormous). i’ve got a few favorites in the group below, but i’d love to know: which one do you like best? help me pick! starburst mirrors
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  1. Hannah JA said:

    I think the second one is my favorite. I also like the first, second to last, and third ones. I can’t wait to see pictures of the final product of the redesign. You have such a great eye for aesthetics!

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