living room redo: the plan

living room redo
as you may have read in past posts, i’ve been slowly gathering inspiration, along with a hefty shopping list, for my living room redo. living in a new york apartment means making the most of a small space, and given that i’m partial to hosting large groups of friends for dinner and holiday parties, i’m always looking for ways to optimize what i’ve got. about a year ago, i traded my ugly beige ikea sofa bed (which, when i purchased it four years ago, was “cool” and “modern” – at least in my mind) for a gorgeous country-style white sleeper sofa from pottery barn. purchased off craigslist, i got a steal on a $2000 sofa (with double bed!), paying just $500 for both the sofa and the “man with a van” movers. ps: new yorkers – if you’re looking to pick up furniture off craigslist, get in touch. my moving guy is ghetto fabulous, but he does a great job, and he’s never left me stranded.
earlier this year, i splurged on robert allen velvet geometric pillow covers for said couch, as well as a fluffy mongolian lambswool stunner (from pier 1, of all places!). i’m hoping to add one or two of the pillows below into the mix. my heart’s set on that leopard, and since it’s on etsy, it’s a relatively reasonable dream. that mirrored john robshaw (be still my heart!) is a pretty penny, so that baby will have to wait.  i’ve set aside (saved up) about $600 to complete my living room makeover, and next week (payday, baby!), i’m going to take the plunge and order a bunch of the bigger items below. on the docket: 4 ice/clear chiavari chairs (i have been crushing on these for YEARS. YEARS, people. this is a big moment for me), a sunburst mirror (i think i’ve decided on the one below), and two of those darling mirrored side tables (from target, and just $99/piece. come to mama!). i might also begin to order some art for my gallery wall (a small sampling is below).
to say i am excited to see my redo come together is an understatement. i was having trouble envisioning how it would all fit, hence the moodboard below. but now that i see it in action, i’m so excited to hit “purchase” on my macbook and get this thing started. i’ll continue to update as i go. wish me luck!

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