a mirrored crisis of conscience

you guys, i’m totally having a moment over here. remember when i said i was in the process of redecorating my living room, and i had it all figured out? well, this morning i was scrolling through my google reader, and there goes the amazing jenny komenda of little green notebook talking about how amazing giant round gilt mirrors are. and linking to THE PERFECT oversized one at wisteria. yesterday, i was all set to go for a large sunburst mirror over my dining area, but now i’m having second thoughts. why? because as much as i love the sunburst mirror i’ve picked out, the mirror portion of it is actually small. as the whole purpose of this mirror exercise was to add light into the space, i’m thinking that a mirror that’s all, well, mirror might be the way to go. i mean, look at this space below. doesn’t that just scream light and cozy and comfortable?

Imagebut then there’s this great shot of an oversized sunburst mirror like the one i’ve picked out. contrast it with the leopard, and the space totally pops. given that i was planning on ordering a few leopard pillows for my couch, i’m torn. like i said, a sunburst mirror has been in my “someday home” category for years now – and now that i’ve finally saved up to do a redesign, i’m worried that i’ll regret it if i don’t order what i had my heart set on for so long. i mean, sunburst mirrors are a total classic, and they perfectly demonstrate my design style – ever so slightly edgy, a dash of bohemian, a sprinkle of classic, with some worldly traveler thrown in (at least, that’s what i’m going for, eventually). but when it comes to bringing light into the space, i’m thinking the larger mirror might be the way to go. i’m also thinking that the round mirror would contrast really nicely with the angular frames that i’m planning on for my gallery wall – whereas the sunburst mirror might be a bit of visual competition with the prints i’ve selected.

Imageso i think i have an idea. bear with me here. right now, above my white pottery barn couch, i have a giant marilyn minter photo that sits in a white ikea frame. it’s not exactly the one below, but it’s close. most people think it’s totally weird (minter is a bit weird, let’s be honest), but i love it. it checks the “edgy” box on my design style checklist. Imagewhat i’m thinking i might do is move the minter photo to the other side of my eating area (where right now, i have three simple hanging frames that i’d happily get rid of). that would open up the space above my couch – which i think would be perfect for the lamps plus sunburst mirror i had in mind for the eating area.

sunburst mirror

lamps plus’ sunburst mirror, to replace the marilyn minter above my couch.

if i go that route, then i can order the large round wisteria mirror for the eating area/gallery wall and let the light shine in. this is a more expensive option (meaning i’ll have to wait on my side tables for now), but i think it’s the way to go. it’ll mean two big mirrors in one relatively small room – but i think it might just work. hopefully, it’ll mean a room that looks larger, lighter and brighter.

wisteria mirror

wisteria’s large round gilt mirror – to go over the dining area on as the centerpiece of the gallery wall


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