jordan ferney’s 500 square foot san francisco apartment


this morning, the lovely jamie meares of i suwanee blogged about a recent styling project she did for her friend, jordan fearney (also a blogger – the woman behind oh happy day!). jordan and her family (a total of four people) live in a tiny, but light-filled 500 square foot apartment in san francisco. as a new yorker with a serious penchant for real estate and interior design, i’m always amazed by tiny spaces that manage to seem big. the space below achieves this with lots of natural light and white walls, as well as well-thought out design and furniture that fits. it sounds easy, right? but believe me. i’ve lived in a tiny apartment or two myself, and it is NOT easy. so major kudos to meares and fearney for managing to put together a small space that feels big, both spatially and stylisticall

Imagei’m dying over the capiz chandelier (from jamie’s shop, furbish) and the entryway in general. again, white walls, lots of light…it makes a huge difference. when i save up my pennies, i’m going to invest in a capiz chandelier like the one above (if not the exact one above) for my living room redesign. slightly beachy, effortless with a dash of bohemian. i like it.

Imageanother view of the living room – love the art, and the pillows on the sofa are perfect. such a great muted color scheme – it’s neutral, but not at all bland. what i would give for windows like that.


let’s talk about the photo above the bar cart turned bookshelf. actually, let’s just talk about how much i want this bookshelf to be my bar cart and live in my apartment forever. industrial chic to the max, people. i’m forever lacking storage, and i have so many books in boxes at my parents’ house that i’d love to have with me here in new york. and i can just imagine a nice big tray sitting on that top shelf, filled to the brim with chevron paper straws and vintage glassware. le sigh. someday!

Imagelast but not least – let’s talk about the art in this hallway. i love it. it’s so serene. i love all white – white mats, white frames. it’s a look i’ll be incorporating into my gallery wall. so crisp and clean. i have a rather sizable hallway in my apartment that currently houses a college-era tjmaxx mirror, but i know i could do better. these shots are good inspiration, and might just give me the motivation i need to tackle my hallway next.

for more eye candy, check out the full post on i suwannee.


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