gallery wall in progress

gallerywallSJsweetsafter all my hemming and hawing, i ended up going with a mirror that hadn’t even been on my list to begin with: this starburst mirror from target’s new threshold line (which, by the way, is great). i loved that giant round wisteria mirror, but it was really big, and honestly, i just couldn’t bite the bullet on the $300 price tag (it was $228 but had a $75 oversized shipping charge). to spend $300 on something that couldn’t be returned if i didn’t love it freaked me out, and then i happened upon target’s starburst mirror for $35 at my local target, and went for it. i know, i know, i talked a big talk about a fancy schmancy starburst for my wall – but fear not, i still ordered one. it’s from one kings lane (which, for those not in the know, is the online interior sample sale mecca), and it’s set to arrive on my doorstep on thursday. obviously, i’ll instagram that baby as soon as it’s hung. like i previously discussed, i’m going to hang it above my couch, as i’ve moved my marilyn minter photo to the other side of my eating area. someday, when i have a huge loft-style apartment with period details and lots of exposed brick, i’ll order that wisteria beauty, and the sunlight from my floor to ceiling factory windows will set the room ablaze. but until then, i think my $35 purchase suits me just fine.

the gallery wall itself is coming together. if anyone wants sources, i’m happy to list them – just leave a comment if you’re curious! it’s pretty much all etsy art, which makes my heart happy. i still have a few more purchases in mind for the wall, mainly this, this and this. but it’s coming together! progress!



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