kate and andy spade’s converted art school in southampton


you may have already seen this incredible home floating around the blogosphere, but i couldn’t resist sharing a few of my favorite photos from this southampton abode, which belongs to designer kate spade and her husband andy. the photos come courtesy of steven sclaroff’s website, and mimic the eclectic, slightly preppy and totally quirky style seen in the couple’s manhattan townhouse. while the bones of the two residences are totally different, there’s a good deal of overlap between the two – the spades clearly have a soft spot for stripes, and they’re avid collectors: of books, of art, of barware, of matchbooks and family photos. the two homes, while undeniably chic, don’t feel overly designed or at all stuffy. they’re comfortable homes that actually feel lived in – a feat that’s harder to accomplish than one might think. creative people often tend to have the most beautiful and interesting homes, and such is certainly the case with the places where the spades lay their heads. i’ve never been to southampton, but boy would i love to spend a few nights at the spades. kate, call a sister up, will you?


how cute is this little bar area? exhibit a of the spades’ fascination with stripes. i love that this is the grab and go station for the house. running out to the pool? take a towel. need a drink? they’ve got that in spades (ha). Image

i mean, can we talk about these beamed? i die for that little reading nook. can’t you just see yourself sitting there re-reading pride and prejudice with a freshly squeezed cup of orange juice as the morning light streams through the windows?


i am just BLOWN away by this room. those windows! those beams! those pendants! i’d imagine the light they cast at night is positively spectacular.


this little room appears to be off the main living room, and it’s so cozy that you just want to cuddle up on that couch and light the fire. exhibit b of stripes. i love all the built-ins in this room. i bet the space smells like old books.

Imagehow cute is this little powder room? exhibit c of stripes – paired with a gorgeous antique gilded mirror and a cute little pedestal sink. i would absolutely fix my makeup in here.


i love this warm, cozy family kitchen. that farmhouse table paired with the glossy red bentwood chairs is screaming for a big ol’ pile of pancakes, and the amount of available counter space in the room is staggering. it looks they went with subway tile for the backsplash – be still my heart!


gah, what a guestroom! from the faded persian rug to the dark linen walls to the mirrored side table and the suzani quilt, there’s just so much to love about this space. i love the juxtaposition between dark and light in the space.

Imagei mean, can we TALK about this bathroom? that floral wallpaper is off its rocker, but somehow, it works. i love it! i’d never, ever design such a busy bathroom for myself, and those rugs don’t match the wallpaper in the LEAST, but damn, so i love it. the lines of this space are a bit weird, and i love that they went full out quirky in the design to emphasize the insane architecture of the room.


and finally, the exterior of the house. can you imagine driving up that circular driveway (probably in a vintage mercedes) and saying to your kids, “we’re here!” – insane.


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