spring splurge: the starla

Loeffler Randall Starlalast summer, i fell in love…with a shoe. i’m a metallic addict with a hankering for anything celestial, so it’s no surprise that i fell hard for loeffler randall’s starla sandal. of course, by the time i saved my pennies to make the splurge ($175 for a sandal is a bit pricey for me), they were sold out. EVERYWHERE. Loeffler Randall Starla

but now. now loeffler randall is making them for a second season, and i don’t intend to let them get away again. i know, $175 is a lot. a LOT. for a shoe. that doesn’t even have much leather on it. but here’s the thing: i’ve had many a case of “why didn’t i buy that?” remorse, but rarely do i purchase something and wish i hadn’t. so this season, i’m taking no, and ordering these babies as soon as i get paid. summer here i COME.


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