shopping list: deborah lippman spring polish


my first summer in new york, i interned at an ad agency and lived in an NYU dorm in the heart of chinatown on lafayette and white street. my morning commute consisted of pushing my way through angry salesman yelling HANDBAG HANDBAG LOUIS PRADA GIVENCHY at the top of their lungs to get to the 6 train. the area smelled like pineapple scented fish, but i loved every second of it. beyond my study abroad experience in london, it was my first time living in a big city. the apartment my friends and i lived in was outrageously large, with a common kitchen, multiple bathrooms, and sky-high ceilings. at night, we shimmied into mini skirts and flowy tops from forever21, and applied red NARS lip pencils and hailed cabs to the east village. on our way home, we’d stop at mcdonalds for french fries  and mcflurries, which we’d eat in our living room (sans furniture besides the one couch that came with the apartment), sitting cross-legged on the floor in our pajamas, glittery eyeshadow still caked into our lashes. on saturday mornings, we’d drag ourselves out of bed at 11am, and walk a single block into the nail salon next to our building. that’s when i learned about the miracle of the $7 manicure. our salon offered an incredible deal: a mani pedi for just $17. i mean, that’s less than 4 starbucks lattes. i hadn’t really painted my nails since i was 14, but all of a sudden, i became one of those girls who gets a fresh manicure every saturday.

when i moved back to new york for real after graduating college, i ditched chinatown for the east village, where manicures were still cheap – but not as cheap. on my meager budget, weekly manicures began to add up, so i started painting my own nails. at first, my fingers were a hot mess, but as they say, practice makes perfect, and slowly but surely, i began to perfect the at home manicure. since i was saving so much by skipping out on the salon, i began investing in funky polishes from butter london, a brand i discovered online. that was my gateway drug to fancy nail polish, and before i knew it, i was a full on addict. Image

these days, i have a large box full of my favorite colors, and each season, i replace the goopy ones with seasonally appropriate polishes. a few years ago, while sneaking around backstage at the tents of mercedes benz fashion week, where i was “covering” the shows as a blogger, i stumbled across deborah lippman, who might as well be the queen of backstage color. lippman does all the best shows, and her colors, which are often the result of collaborations with celebrities such as cher and SJP, go on smooth, rarely chip, and always come in the most gorgeous shades. plus, the woman makes the BEST glitter polishes out there. and you all know how i feel about glitter. Imageall of which is to say, lippman collection recently revealed its spring and summer shades, and i’m positively smitten with the the ones pictured here. mint and lavender with crushed glitter. mama mia, color me happy, there’s a sofa in here for two. snag a few shades for yourself here. don’t blame me if you develop a full on polish addiction.


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