for like ever


there are certain design trends that appear and suddenly are everywhere: the “keep calm and carry on” motif, antlers of all shapes and sizes, mongolian wool pillows and lucite come to mind. it’s just like with fashion – things appear, they’re deemed cool and hip and interesting, and all of a sudden, you can’t trip over a chiavari chair without seeing them. such was certainly the case with the “for like ever” poster a few years ago. after appearing in domino in september 2006, this baby flew off the shelves, prompting the company to do a reprint. and then another reprint. and another, and another.


suffice it to say, this poster has been around the block. it’s also been on my radar for some time, and i’m happy to say i’ve finally pulled the trigger and ordered it. this darling design will soon be residing opposite my gallery wall in my dining area. for like ever poster, come to mama.



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