don’t mind if i do…chai ice cream!

chai-coconut-ice-cream-frozeni am a bonafide chai addict. i can’t get enough. i drink a venti iced chai from my beloved starbucks (don’t judge, their chai beats most small, independent coffee shops by a mile) every morning. i start my day by saying “hi” to my baristas, many of whom i have befriended thanks to the sheer frequency at which they see me. or maybe they just pretend to be my friend. well, whatever, at least they start my mornings off right.

anywho, chai. I DON’T CARE, I LOVE IT. thanks to icona pop for crystallizing my feelings and putting them into song lyrics. i stumbled upon a new to me cooking blog the other day and came across this recipe for chai ice cream. yes, i said chai ice cream. HUBBA HUBBA. i know it’s not fall yet, but the temperature today is definitely below 80, and we’ve only got one month of sweltering heat and stick to your skin humidity left before fall ushers in like prince charming and makes everything right again. and when that happens, i can’t wait to make this recipe.

i’ll let you guys know how i fare when i do. in the meantime, if you need me, look for a blonde girl with big boobs at your local starbucks. chances are, you can find me there.


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