plum tones

man, would i like to be the kind of girl who wears playsuits. this one, from zara, is adorable – and looks light, fresh, and perfect for hot summer nights. too bad this cut is about as unflattering for curvy gals as it can get. alas, this outfit would look fabulous on someone else. add my favorite loeffler randall starla sandals, a gorjana griffin star necklace to compliment the constellation theme, and some plum accent pieces, and you’ve got yourself a saturday afternoon into evening look. throw on a leather jacket when the temp drops below sixty and trade the starlas for pointed flats (or heels, if you’re a heels kind of girl), and voila – dinner ready!
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  1. nataliejo210 said:

    I really love this article and your blog xx! love the collage

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