phoning it in

phoning it in
i recently splurged on an iphone 5, and with it, a new case. as any good shopper is wont to do, i did a bit of investigative research before picking my case (for those interested, i went with this one; it’s set to arrive any day now. wheeeee!), and almost went with the rifle and bond “hello hello” option above. i love anna rifle’s work – it’s always so whimsical and pretty. i was also tempted by the cat option above, but, at $77 at luisa via roma, it was beyond pricey. i love me some cute phone cases, and obviously, i love me some cats, but $77 for a phone case is ridiculous. also loving: the hot pink palm print, and of course, the hot pink polka dots.
but still…it was watermelons for the win.

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