fall wishlist: moody grey tones


guys, fall is just around the corner. i can feel it in the air. lately, when i walk to bar method in the early mornings, there’s that snappy, crisp, slight bit of chill surrounding me, calling me, telling me my favorite season is on the way. i couldn’t be more excited. this time of year, and the weeks forthcoming, always remind me of one of my favorite f. scott fitzgerald quotes.

in other news, the cooler air means shopping for cooler clothes – and i mean cooler both literally and figuratively. i love a good sundress as much as the next girl, but i’m much happier when i can layer. already, i’ve purchased two pencil skirts at j.crew, an oversized black vince v-neck sweater (on sale for just $99 at marshalls, hot diggity damn!), and a few more pairs of fall flats than i’d care to admit (gilt groupe, i love you). but that doesn’t mean i can’t keep cruising the internet for fall picks. below, a few pieces on my wishlist for fall. i think if i had to choose one to save up for, it might be that lauren merkin clutch. what a beautiful bag. though also, the alexander wang sale is next week…i really should save my pennies for that!

Fall Wishlist: Moody Grey

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