girl crush: emily weiss

one girl five looks - emilyyou guys, i have a serious girl crush on into the gloss founder/former hills “super intern” emily weiss. weiss, who started her career as an intern at teen vogue then moved up the ranks at the mothership, left magazines a few years back to start into the gloss, an online mag/blog/website (what to call it, really? the site is so unique that it’s hard to put into words) that’s all about beauty and the industry insiders who know it best. ever wonder how essie (yes, that essie) got her start in nails? into the gloss has the story. wonder how kelly wearstler feels about hair? ITG has that too. weiss works her fashion industry connections for all their worth, putting together interesting, engaging content that’s well written, and, perhaps most important of all, different from what everyone else is doing online.


oh, and did i  mention the girl looks like a supermodel and has incredible style? well, there’s that, too. formerly a long haired brunette, weiss chopped her locks last year into a “leonardo in romeo and juliet” style and has since gone darker. as if she wasn’t already insanely cool.


she’s a street style photog favorite, and for good reason. whether she’s rocking her signature black skinnies or an oversized pair of aviators, the girl looks good. now, if only my legs were that long. er, and my hair was that straight, and dark, and…


note to self: comparison is the thief of joy.


but really, though, don’t you kind of want to be her? just a little bit?



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