the everygirl


every so often, there’s a site, or a book, or a magazine article, or a blog post out there that makes you stop and wonder, “why didn’t i think of that?” the everygirl is one of those sites for me. it’s such a great idea that pretty much every time i visit the site, i have a, why didn’t i think of that? moment.

when i first moved to new york, i remember telling my mother that i was terrible at managing my finances (still sort of true, though i’ve gotten better over time). she recommended i subscribe to money magazine. so i did. except that money was for real adults with real money – and things like IRAs and roth accounts and stock market players – all things that were decidedly out of my financial reach for the time being. and i remember thinking to myself, why isn’t there a money magazine for people in their twenties? why isn’t anyone giving financial advice to young adults?

hold that thought. take it back an inch or two. why isn’t anyone giving GOOD advice to people in their twenties?

Imagehad i been more resourceful, or more motivated, or better connected, or who knows what, i may have had a germ of an idea that ever so slightly resembled the everygirl. but lord knows i wouldn’t have come close to the gem of a site that danielle moss and alaina kaczmarski have created. those two girls…hot diggity damn, they’ve made something amazing. the everygirl is a lifemap for women in their twenties, and holy hell, do i wish it had been around when i first graduated. i could have used a whole lot of help, and motivation, and inspiration…all of which is present on the site today.

in short, i pretty much bow down to danielle and alaina. i think they have a whole lot to be proud of, and i think they have turned what may have once been a baby of an idea into something spectacular. ladies, you are


with that being said, it’s no surprise that i was pretty darn excited, and shocked, and amazed and embarrassed and a whole lot of other emotions, to be featured on the everygirl yesterday for my career. yes, you read that right. this girl has a career. i mean, say WHAT? if you had told me that i would have a thriving career at a large ad agency and would be featured for said career five, even three, years ago, i would have laughed you straight out of town. and then i probably would have cried, because i wasn’t where i wanted to be.


but you know what? i got there. we all get there, eventually – even if we don’t take the road we think we’ll travel on, and if it takes longer than we expect, or if “there” ends up being somewhere totally unexpected. we all get there.


and at the risk of sounding like a bragging asshole, you guys, i’m kind of proud of myself (except for the fact that i look preggo in the picture above. oh well, can’t win ’em all!)


i mean, i’m on pinterest. as in, images of me are on pinterest and are being repinned by people. WHAT WORLD IS THIS!? i can’t even believe it.


so thank you, to danielle and alaina, for featuring my humble little career story, to kate ignatowski for making me look and feel like a real celeb, and of course, to my friends and my family, for keeping my chin up on bad days. and a little special shoutout to noelle and jo (who probably don’t read this, but just in case they do!) for believing in me enough to hire a green little wannabe writer, and for making me believe in myself.


  1. Congrats on your feature, Sarah!! I absolutely adored your interview, and think you damn well BETTER be proud of yourself! You ROCK =) Keep doing what you’re doing, and thank you for the inspiration and motivation.

    • thanks so much, carrie! i took a look at your site…talk about motivation! it is GORGEOUS and amazing! bookmarking it into my “daily reads” folder. you go girl!

  2. Sujey said:

    Hi Sarah! After reading your career story, I felt so motivated by your words and advice. Though I’m not in my early twenties anymore, I now find myself trying to figure out what I want to do… what I want to LOVE to do. I’m so glad you were featured; thank you for this post as well and reminding me that “eventually, we all get there.” If I’m ever in NYC, we should meet up for an iced chai and green tea latte at Starbucks 😉

    • i don’t think it’s ever to late to figure out what you love/want to do with your life. thank you for the sweet words about the feature. do let me know if you’re ever in new york – a starbucks date sounds lovely 😉

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