shearling pretty, come to mama

p1a few years ago, i flew out to san francisco to visit my best friend kim, who had defected from new york, a city of long lines and impatient people, to the city by the bay, known for its laid back nature and friendly folk. everyone i spoke to said i was going to love san fran. it was beautiful, they said. it was eclectic, they said (sorry, SF, but you’ve got nothing on NYC in that realm). what they didn’t say was that the weather there is positively whackadoo. it’s oddly dreary and cold, yet muggy and sunny at the same time.

needless to say, i didn’t really know how to pack, and hence, i packed incorrectly. thankfully, i spent a few days staying with my college roommate in her upper pac heights apartment, and she (as a very stylish lady, i might add) kindly lent me a giant vince sweater coat to layer under my leather jacket for the duration of my time in the foggy city. and let me tell you, as a girl who loves fall, and loves layering, it was love at first sight.

of course, vince sweater coats are mighty expensive. but i left san fran determined to get my hands on one just like hers at some point.

a year or so later, i was down in orlando with my parents and sister for an impromptu visit. and guess what orlando has that no one else has? a vince outlet. that’s right, people. i got myself a sweater coat just like whit’s for half the price. and i have worn that baby into the ground. since then, i’ve been kind of cultish about my love for the brand. i’m on the outlet’s email list, and every so often, i’ll snag a sweater on sale, then wear it to death. as in, i think the people at my office might have been a bit sick of my oversized cowl neck last winter.

but guess what? i don’t give a hoot, because it’s the comfiest thing i own, and as soon as the pumpkin spice lattes hit the shelves at starbucks, i’m whipping that baby out!

all of this is to say that i’m also on the vince mailing list, and they emailed me the other day enticing me to buy the shearling leather jacket above. and me oh my, do i wish i had the pennies for that one. ain’t she a beaut? at a staggering $1250, i won’t be cashing in on her anytime soon. but maybe, just maybe, she’ll hit the outlet at some point, and i’ll make her mine. and we’ll be sartorial sisters ’til the end of time.

hey, a girl can dream, right?


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