the red tour


for those of you just joining us, you should know: i love taylor swift. i am a diehard fan. i know every word to every song, and i sing them at the top of my lungs – while i’m baking in my kitchen, while i’m shampooing in the shower, while i’m driving on the highway…

i’ve now seen her live twice: a few years ago when she played the speak now tour at MSG, and this july at meadowlands, where she brought her red tour, along with ed sheeran (love him) and austin mahone (he was fun, i could totally be a mahomie). swift puts on an incredible live show that manages to be entertaining without being ludicrously over the top (i’m looking at you, bieber). she always includes a short acoustic set, which i love (at ours, she did “shouldn’t said no” which is, incidentally, the song that kicked off my tswift obsession), and always has a special guest or two at her shows (ours was fall out boy; back in 2011, it was the goo goo dolls).

she generally pulls out the big guns for her new york shows, or at least, so i thought, until i heard who she got for her sold out week at the staples center in los angeles. i pretty much died when i heard she sang “brave” with sara bareilles (who i am also obsessed with). then i heard she brought in tegan and sara (who i loved in high school before they were cool).

and then i saw this compilation video go up today, where she performed “her hairbrush song” (jenny from the block) with jennifer lopez. i mean…i die. how much do you want to be at that show singing along to “used to have a little now i have a lot no matta where i go i know where i came from!”

because i really, really, want to be there. oh tswift. you sure know the way to my heart. enjoy, folks.


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