i swoon for eye swoon’s dumbo duplex


how dreamy is this dumbo duplex, as featured in harper’s bazaar? all soothing hues and cozy textures, it manages to feel both modern yet classic. i mean, hello, two story living room and floor to ceiling windows. it’s no surprise that this home is gorgeous, of course, because it belongs to interior designer athena calderone, who also pens the blog eye swoon.


my favorite design element of the space has got to be those luxe looking dining chairs. can you imagine having a passover seder in those babies? on this night, we recline. oh hells yes we do, in FUR.  that velvet chesterfield above ain’t too shabby either.


man oh man do i wish i had high ceilings. they make it so much easier to have amazingly awesome light fixtures. i love the black and gold pendants above the breakfast bar, but it’s that sputnik below that i’m truly coveting. what’s so interesting about this space is that the building itself is all modern, clean lines, but the furniture tells all sorts of stories. it’s a new construction apartment, but it doesn’t feel at all cold. on the contrary, it’s a warm, welcoming space. as gorgeous and magazine-worthy as it is, you can tell that real people live here, albeit insanely cool real people.


i’m also a huge fan of the color palate, which features soft grey, blue and lavender hues, alongside warm wood tones, deep navy blues, and splashes of metallic. the space is feminine without feeling overly so, which can be hard to achieve. i mean, hello, beautiful bedroom. do you mind if i move in?



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