lake bell’s airbnb pop-up

01_IMG_0903have i told you guys how certifiably obsessed i am with designer/HGTV star emily henderson? well, i am. i read emily’s blog way back before she was famous. then she was on design star. then she won design star. and went on to continually do awesome things, and just be generally awesome overall. if you haven’t read her blog, you must. the woman is effing hilarious. also, she’s obsessed with cats just like me, which makes me like her more (duh). basically, in my head, we’re best friends, even though i’ve never even met her. oh emily, please come to new york and hang out with me! we could have sooo much fun searching for weird brass objects at chelsea flea!



because she’s awesome, emily was recently commissioned by airbnb for this insanely cool project that involved co-designing tiny little mobile airbnb popup “homes” with celebs such as moby, angelica huston, lake bell, and more. i mean, hello, dream gig. i’m a big airbnb fan in general, so obviously i loved this idea and couldn’t wait to see the results. emily operated as the lead designer on the project, but worked with a whole bunch of other smart, cool, stylish folks to bring the homes to life. last week, she featured moby’s home, which, while cool, didn’t totally make my insides melt with happiness.


but today, she featured lake bell’s house. and it is seriously awesome. it features gold mirrored side tables. GOLD MIRRORS, PEOPLE. hallelujah praise jesus, what an amazing invention! sadly, she informed readers that the tables are vintage and hence, not available for purchase. ALAS. 08_Justina-Blakeney-Air-Bnb3 03_Justina-Blakeney-Air-Bnb1

in case you missed it, bell’s brooklyn home was shot for lonny a few weeks ago, and while the shoot only featured her backyard, it became immediately clear that the woman has some serious boho chic style. apparently, her mom is a designer, so she’s got style in her blood. her popup home for airbnb has a global bazaar sort of feel, with cool moroccan lanterns and a carved wood bed, as well as eclectic funky bohemian textiles throughout. also, can we talk about that awesome copper chair? apparently it’s from blu dot. it’s a little weird, but in the best kind of way.04_Justina-Blakeney-Air-Bnb2 06_IMG_0573

i mean, who wouldn’t want to spend a night here? i love it. i’m sold. i would potentially give up my first born for those gold mirrored tables. okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. but i really love them, a lot. mrs. henderson, you have done it again.



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