holiday gift guide 2013: all that glitters


for as long as i’ve been reading lifestyle blogs, the holiday gift guides that surface around this time of year have been my favorite pieces of content. there’s something so fun about a good shopping roundup, especially when you’re busy making a list and checking it twice…for friends, coworkers, family members and more.

i recently invested in photoshop, and my first order of business is to create some kickass holiday gift guides in collage form. bear with me, they might not be all that fancy at first, but here’s hoping that creating these guides will be photoshop bootcamp for me. here’s the deal: every monday and wednesday from now until mid-december, i’ll be posting a gift guide. that’s 10 opportunities to shop ’til you drop (or until your fingers cramp) and more than enough time to wrap all of your chosen goodies.

first up: my favorite color of all colors: gold. all that glitters, ladies and gents. ain’t nothing better than solid gold, amiright? everyone loves a little bit of sparkle, and there’s no time like the holidays to spread a little shimmer. below, 13 pieces that will help ensure no one doubts your commitment to sparkle motion.


one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen


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