holiday gift guide 2013: gemstones


is it just me, or have gemstones been having a moment lately? okay, maybe it’s more than a moment. they’ve been popular for at least a few years now, and don’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing. last year, when i searched for agate coasters, they were a bit hard to find. this year, they’re everywhere, from leif to jonathan adler. last week’s all that glitters guide highlighted gold, but this guide is about sparkle that comes in all different colors. there’s something so beautiful about what nature creates all on its own. amazing to think that these have been carved from the rock face somewhere. salt of the earth, to be sure. these pieces would make great gifts for the gal who loves to host, but even for those who don’t, you’ll find some fun accent pieces. a pyrite heart paperweight would be just as at home on a desk as it would on an etagere full of collected curios. druzy studs are sophisticated and simple, but offer a sense of eclectic edge. meanwhile, an amethyst candle holder will set a room ablaze in the best kind of way. and if all else fails: a chic wine stopper is always a good idea.

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