holiday gift guide 2013: office space


have you ever heard the acronym “GSD”? it stands for get shit done, and it’s a modern working woman’s mantra if i’ve ever heard one.  i love technology just as much as the next girl, but sometimes, it feels like we’re all just so damn plugged inmost of us have desk jobs, but our screen time doesn’t end there. we get home, and there’s facebook to check, blogs to read, instagram photos to like and comment on. social media is never-ending, like our to-do lists. i know i’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed from time to time, whether it’s at my day job, or at home on the weekdays, struggling to check items off my list. here’s the thing: work will always be work (even when it’s work that you love), so why not make your workspace pretty? i’m a big fan of streamlined acrylic tape dispensers and gold staplers (desktop glitter! what could be better?). and there’s nothing like a pop of pink, whether it’s in the form of an organizer or some thin highlighters. if you have to take notes, you might as well do so in a bright, cheery, lime green notebook. and if you have to organize documents, you might as well do so in a quirky strawberry folder. because let’s face it. when your shit is pretty, it’s easier to get shit done.

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