holiday gift guide 2013: beauty junkie


the other day, i went into sephora to purchase a clarisonic for one of the folks on my holiday gift list, and came out with three free gifts. why? because i had over 1000 points to use on my beauty insider rewards card. why did i have that many? because i am an bonafide beauty addict. makeup, hair, nails…you name it, i’ve got it. i can’t even bear to show you my makeup drawer (while well organized, i exhibit some slight hoarding tendencies in the eyeshadow and lipstick departments). it’s embarrassing, especially given how little makeup i actually wear on a day to day basis. and yet, i’ve got about 5 different shades of fuschia lipstick. i’ve got at least 4 red lip stains (for the record, my favorite is actually a drugstore brand!). i can’t even tell you how many tubes of lip balm i have. i really can’t. and then there’s the eyeshadow. and the glittery eye shadow, which, yes, is still a thing in my life at the ripe old age of 27. i know there will come a time when i will outgrow glitter, but i simply can’t see that time coming any time soon. maybe when i’m pregnant? there’s something sad about a pregnant woman wearing eye glitter, right?

anywho, suffice it to say, i know my shit when it comes to beauty. i own almost everything i’ve featured in this post, so i can say it’s sarah tested, sarah approved. my personal faves include the best glitter nail polish under the sun (hands down, i promise), my beloved clarisonic (bye bye milia), the best all in one highlighter/shimmer stick i’ve ever tried, body oil so luxurious you’ll swear you’re royalty, and peppermint blotting papers, for when you’re sweating on the subway in your parka come february. trust me, all of these gifts will make the ladies in your life happy (and maybe even some of the gents, too).

now, let’s get to it, shall we? beauty junkies, unite!



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