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today is my last day at my current job. on tuesday, i’ll start from scratch. fresh pens in my “s” mug. fresh folders on my desk. fresh faces, a new desk, a new office, a new commute. new people, new work, new life.

work is a funny thing. you try not to let it consume you, as much as possibly can, but in reality, unless you’re working for yourself, you’re spending 8-9 hours a day with your coworkers. who soon become your friends, not just the people you sit next to in the conference room a few times a week. which makes them all the much harder to leave when you decide to pursue a new opportunity.

i’ve spent the last year and a half LOVING the people i work with. sure, there have been some exceptions, as there always are, but for the most part, i’ve been thrilled to come into work each day. which is why when i was offered a new opportunity, i almost didn’t take it. because when you’re happy, and comfortable, your mind tells you not to leave. comfort is easy, simple, like putting on your favorite sweatshirt, the one that smells like home.

but what’s easy isn’t always what’s right. which is why when i was offered a new job two weeks ago, i decided to take the plunge. and i am terrified. because change scares the shit out of me, and always has. but that’s part of why i did it. because deep down i know that i need to do more of what scares me. one of my resolutions for this year was to embrace my fears, and stop holding myself back from trying new things simply because i was afraid of them. and while i know that there’s a chance that i’ve made a big mistake leaving this happy, comfortable place, i also know that there’s a chance that i’ve made the right decision, for me, for now.

i was talking through this the other day with my uber intuitive, smarty pants of a friend, liana, and you know what she said, in response to all my, ohmygodwhatifimadeamistake ranting? change is brave.

let me say it again, for good measure.




and i thought to myself, oh my god, she’s right. what i am doing, this leap of faith, this not knowing if i did the right thing, is brave. it’s brave because it’s scary, and because i can’t know if it’s right or wrong until i’ve done it.

my goal for this weekend, and for tuesday, when i walk into a new office with new people, and no friends, and no nothing, is to remember that i am brave. that i can do this. and that the very worst thing that could happen would be to realize i’ve made a mistake.

and really, that’s not the worst thing.

so here’s to being brave. to changing because we can, not just because we have to. to taking a leap of faith when it’s our only mode of transportation, and to knowing that everything will be okay.



catbird hortense necklace | clare vivier’s love shop | black fringed booties gold athena feather tray | tibi crystal mule | shopbop BFF rings | leather contrast cardigan | gold iPhone case | magenta pouf | new balance sneakers |

one time, while complaining about watching sports at a friends’ place, i made the mistake of stating that i didn’t quite understand fantasy football, and how into it my guy friends got. i couldn’t fathom how these smart, interesting, have-better-things-to-do-if-you-ask-me gentlemen were willing to waste HOURS of time (and a good deal of money, if they lost) on a fake football game that, while pulling in strings from the outside world, existed solely on the internet.

and you know what my friend scott said? he said fantasty football was to guys what online shopping and things like pinterest were to girls. “you get joy out of putting items into an online shopping cart, don’t you?” “yes, of course!” “but you don’t often buy things, do you?” “not often, no.” “and yet you still do it.” “yes, it’s fun!” “so is fantasy football.” 

as in, it doesn’t matter that the games aren’t real games, just like it doesn’t matter to me that sometimes my online shopping isn’t real shopping. putting the items (or players) together is the fun – the rest is somewhat irrelevant.

as you can imagine, ever since then, i’ve kept my mouth shut during fantasy season.

and of course, i still continue to online faux-shop my heart out. which is where this new series, what i want this weekcomes from. like the name says, it’s a list of things i’ve got my eye on come payday. of course, as i told scott, i won’t be buying all of these things. no girl can buy all of the things. a) it’s materialistic and b) payday isn’t THAT big of a day. and who really needs all of the things? no one, that’s who. but in the meantime, i can pin my little heart out {follow my what i want this week board on pinterest here}, and keep my eyes peeled for those extra special items that just need to find their way into my home/heart.

Fault in our Stars--Coveri am an avid reader, and have been since i was a little girl. i believe there’s no better escape (even with the advent of the internet, and streaming television, and twitter, and instagram, and facebook, and silly ridiculous things like snapchat) than a really good book. words have the power to transport you places, to take you out of your everyday and plop you down somewhere else. i might bitch and moan about my commute when it’s slushy and disgusting outside, but i actually highly value the hour or so of accumulated reading time i get each day. if you see me on the subway, chances are, i’ve got my nose buried in a book (and by book, i mean kindle). don’t hate me, i love a real book just as much as the next girl, but hardcovers are heavy and paperbacks take up space. kindle is little, and when you schlep the entire kitchen sink and then some around with you every day, you need every inch of bag space you can get.

but i digress. we were talking about how books can transport you into other places. they can also transport you into other lives. which is what happened to me when i read john green’s amazing novel, the fault in our stars, last summer. i was instantly, and i mean, from the first few pages instantly, intertwined with hazel and gus. every time i turned the page, i took another step into their world. because the book is incredible, i won’t spoil it for you (i’ll let the trailer below do that) – but know that this is a full-on immersive read that you’ll plow through in a single day. i loved this book. as soon as i was done, i was talking about it to literally anyone who would listen.

so you can imagine i was positively thrilled when i heard they were making TFIOS into a movie, and that they’d cast shailene woodley as hazel (she will be the PERFECT hazel). i follow john green on twitter, and he’s been releasing sneak peeks over the past few months, which should have prepared me for this amazing trailer. it didn’t, because there’s really nothing like seeing words come to life with music behind them.

ps: i warn you. you will need ALL OF THE TISSUES to get through this. 


can i tell you how much i covet one of clare vivier’s positively perfect clutches? or how i’ve got my eye on the leather weekender that would take me to massachusetts and beyond on the regular? i’m a huge fan of vivier’s work (her silverlake flagship shop is to die for; i can’t wait to check it out in person when i take a trip to LA in april), and i’ve loved watching her line grow over the past few years. what started out as a few simple leather clutches has evolved into a full line of accessories. vivier pieces make for the perfect gift (i contemplated getting a foldover clutch as a non-traditional bridal shower gift earlier this summer), so it’s no surprise that she’s rolled out a little something special for our next giftable holiday: valentine’s day.

i should tell you right here and now that i am not a fan of v day. as a single lady in new york, where romance could be around every corner (but isn’t), there’s nothing like a holiday where every girl in your office except you gets a fresh bouquet of roses to make you feel sorry for yourself. pity party, table of 1! that being said, i do love the little treats that come along with cupid. HELLO, red and pink m&ms. HI, adorable little heart print bowls i scouted at west elm this weekend but did not purchase {thank you, self control}.

and most importantly, HEY GIRL HEY to vivier’s love shop, a new curated collection of clutches, coin purses and catchalls that are positively PERFECT for valentine’s day. to my imaginary boyfriend*, if you’re out there, and you’re reading this – i’ll take a coin purse in mon amour, please.

*these would also make great gifts for girlfriends. galentine’s day is a real thing, you guys. and it should not be celebrated lightly. if i had a million dollars, i’d be buying out this whole shop for my lady friends.



happy weekendmama mia, has it been a week. one of those long, torturous, emotionally-draining, i-can’t-make-it-through-without-some-tears weeks. but friday has arrived, and i made it, in one piece (almost), thanks in part to an amazing katy perry vs. robyn ride at soulcycle tribeca last night featuring one of my favorite, uber spunky instructors, krista. as i hinted at last week, i’m in the midst of some big changes, one of which being that i’m about to change jobs. it was a bit of an agonizing decision for me, and, to be honest, i’m still not sure i made the right choice. i don’t know, truly, whether i’ll know what the right choice is until i’ve made it. but i’m trying to embrace the change and the unknown and just take a deep dive into what comes next. because the worst thing that can happen is that i made a mistake, and then, well, at least i’ll know i made the wrong choice. and i’ll pick myself back up and go from there. that’s all we can really do, right? as humans, we’re bound to make a whole boatload of mistakes. but we can’t know until we make them.

so that’s what’s been circling around in my brain lately. beyond that, i’ve been doing a lot of thinking about a few of my friendships – evaluating whether they’re truly worth keeping, given how much they put in vs. how much i put in. it’s hard to make new friends as an adult (like, really hard), so i’m always nervous to take a step back from people, so to speak. at the same time, the older i get, the less i feel like trying with people who aren’t really worth their salt. i am a lot of not-so-good things (sensitive, slightly OCD, type A to the max), but i pride myself on being a really good friend. and sometimes that means i hang on to friendships that aren’t really doing anything for me anymore. i need to learn when to let people go, and to be okay with that letting go. people change, friendships shift, and that’s just life. 

in other, much less emo news, here are a few things that i liked this week.

* a seriously good mother’s day card. so good that i already ordered it, months in advance.

* how not to ruin your oatmeal. i’ve been eating a lot of oatmeal this winter, and it turns out, i’ve been doing it ALL WRONG. 

* a new shopping site. the founders of one kings lane have launched hunter’s alley, a marketplace where shoppers and sellers can search for and peddle the coolest of wares. finders, keepers!

* the perfect spring nail color. something to look forward to wearing when the ice melts. deborah lippmann never fails to deliver.

* slow cooker chicken and rice soup. i made this on sunday and have been eating it all week long.

* emily schuman’s best makeup brushes. emily schuman is like martha stewart, except lots younger, much prettier, and of course, she hasn’t been to prison. i’m a HUGE cupcakes and cashmere fan (who isn’t) and a bit of a makeup junkie, so i loved this roundup of her favorite makeup brushes.

* sarah silverman and jesus christ talk abortion. i mean, what else do i need to say?

have a wonderful weekend!

happy weekendmama mia, what a week. i’m on the cusp of a lot of big changes, and they’re scaring the shit out of me. thankfully, my wednesday night brought the solace of an evening birthday soul cycle ride (see my sweaty picture with instructor isabel here) with all of my favorite ladies that helped me work out my anxiety. speaking of soul, their spotify account is killing it lately, and i’m finding so many jams that i can’t wait to tap it back to in their 2014 breakout stars playlist. specifically, this one. i just want to bob my head so hard to that song.

i spent most of my other nights working late and/or relaxing at home with the best footwarmer ever. it’s been pretty damn cold here (though not as bad as in chicago and canada, i hear), so i’ve been bundling up, big time. thank goodness for my anthro snood. best $68 i’ve spent in a while, i tell you.

this weekend, i’ll be celebrating my birthday on saturday night, then waking up (relatively) early on sunday morning to stretch it out at bar method and go to brunch with my friend lisa. tomorrow’s supposed to be rainy and gross, but i’ve got a mani/pedi/massage gift certificate to my favorite salon, pastel, from my parents that is burning a hole in my pocket. birthday nails here i come! beyond that, tomorrow will be spent hibernating, catching up on my reading list, and making #1 on the list below.

 things that tickled my fancy this week:

* DIY vitamin c citrus facial mist. can’t wait to make this!

* jennifer lawrence’s first appearance in W, a TBT worth looking at.

* i can’t get enough of this album, by john newman

* martha stewart’s beauty regimen is insane (and fascinating). no wonder she looks so good at 72. i see an into the gloss feature in her future. how amazing would that be? paging emily weiss!

* rethinking the branding and design of starbucks stores. a really interesting read. i still believe very few places make as good of a chai as my neighborhood starbs, but i love the idea of more locally-relevant concept-style stores.

* nymag’s 2013 reasons to love new york. a good read on days when i’m feeling like breaking up with my city.


{jayson home moroccan wedding blanket parson’s bench}

a story about me and morocco.

the year i was bat mitzvahed, my grandma took my entire extended family (my cousin and i are the same age) on a 2 week trip to morocco. though i had traveled a bunch as a kid (lucky me!), morocco was a whole other world. literally. for starters, it was in AFRICA. i mean, hi, exotic locale. it was also a place where girls with blonde hair and hazel eyes were things to be bartered for. my price was equivalent to a few nice rugs and some steaming mugs of mint tea. it was a place where the old world still had a firm hold on things, where lifestyle glossies like vogue had yet to traverse the terrain, where rivers of mud and discarded trash ran straight through the streets. marrakech, specifically, was a visceral feast. the sights, the sounds, the smells. and don’t even get me started on the leather tannery we visited one day. talk about smells, or should i say, stenches. holy moly, did i have to hold my nose at that one.

as blessed as i feel that i’ve visited such an incredible place, part of me wishes i’d made the trip when i was a bit older. i think i would appreciate the country a lot more now than i did then. i suppose that’s why it’s important to travel as an adult – because your brain has formed enough to truly wrap itself around the amazing experiences that sojourning around the world bring. one thing i’m sure i would appreciate now more than i did than is the amazing color and style of moroccan interiors – from the colorful tilework to the gorgeous moroccan wedding blankets that have become all the rage in interior design over the past few years.

also known as handira, moroccan wedding blankets are traditional cape-like nuptial garments of the Berber women. these gorgeous pieces, worn by brides at their wedding ceremonies, are handwoven by a bride’s relatives, and can take weeks to complete. these days, you’ll see them hanging on walls, atop crisp white sheets being used as bedspreads, beneath dining tables as rugs…the design possibilities are endless. a bit sparkly, a bit sequin-y, and a whole lot of pretty, moroccan wedding blankets are a beautiful, versatile piece that the interior world can’t get enough of.

you can get the real thing by doing a bit of savvy googling, or you can snag mass market versions, which have popped up everywhere from anthropologie to jayson home (where the piece above can be found).

winter101fauxfuri don’t know about where you live, but it’s been cold as beejesus ’round these parts. i love the northeast, i really do, but sometimes, a girl just wants to wear a sweater and a snood and call it a day. though i have to admit, i do love me some faux fur. i’ve got two (identical; one’s light brown, the other, dark brown) faux fur jackets that i scored for 10 pounds each back in 2006 at london’s portobello road flea market, and beyond the fact that i’m pretty sure they’ve got many a story hidden in their sleeves, they keep me damn warm when the temperatures drop. there’s nothing like a little (faux, of course) fur to snuggle up to when you’re waiting for the crosstown bus on a chilly winter morning. and as the ladies above prove, it’s easy to look tres chic while doing so. now, where can i get me an oxblood jacket?