happy weekend!

happy weekendmama mia, has it been a week. one of those long, torturous, emotionally-draining, i-can’t-make-it-through-without-some-tears weeks. but friday has arrived, and i made it, in one piece (almost), thanks in part to an amazing katy perry vs. robyn ride at soulcycle tribeca last night featuring one of my favorite, uber spunky instructors, krista. as i hinted at last week, i’m in the midst of some big changes, one of which being that i’m about to change jobs. it was a bit of an agonizing decision for me, and, to be honest, i’m still not sure i made the right choice. i don’t know, truly, whether i’ll know what the right choice is until i’ve made it. but i’m trying to embrace the change and the unknown and just take a deep dive into what comes next. because the worst thing that can happen is that i made a mistake, and then, well, at least i’ll know i made the wrong choice. and i’ll pick myself back up and go from there. that’s all we can really do, right? as humans, we’re bound to make a whole boatload of mistakes. but we can’t know until we make them.

so that’s what’s been circling around in my brain lately. beyond that, i’ve been doing a lot of thinking about a few of my friendships – evaluating whether they’re truly worth keeping, given how much they put in vs. how much i put in. it’s hard to make new friends as an adult (like, really hard), so i’m always nervous to take a step back from people, so to speak. at the same time, the older i get, the less i feel like trying with people who aren’t really worth their salt. i am a lot of not-so-good things (sensitive, slightly OCD, type A to the max), but i pride myself on being a really good friend. and sometimes that means i hang on to friendships that aren’t really doing anything for me anymore. i need to learn when to let people go, and to be okay with that letting go. people change, friendships shift, and that’s just life. 

in other, much less emo news, here are a few things that i liked this week.

* a seriously good mother’s day card. so good that i already ordered it, months in advance.

* how not to ruin your oatmeal. i’ve been eating a lot of oatmeal this winter, and it turns out, i’ve been doing it ALL WRONG. 

* a new shopping site. the founders of one kings lane have launched hunter’s alley, a marketplace where shoppers and sellers can search for and peddle the coolest of wares. finders, keepers!

* the perfect spring nail color. something to look forward to wearing when the ice melts. deborah lippmann never fails to deliver.

* slow cooker chicken and rice soup. i made this on sunday and have been eating it all week long.

* emily schuman’s best makeup brushes. emily schuman is like martha stewart, except lots younger, much prettier, and of course, she hasn’t been to prison. i’m a HUGE cupcakes and cashmere fan (who isn’t) and a bit of a makeup junkie, so i loved this roundup of her favorite makeup brushes.

* sarah silverman and jesus christ talk abortion. i mean, what else do i need to say?

have a wonderful weekend!


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