what i want this week


catbird hortense necklace | clare vivier’s love shop | black fringed booties gold athena feather tray | tibi crystal mule | shopbop BFF rings | leather contrast cardigan | gold iPhone case | magenta pouf | new balance sneakers |

one time, while complaining about watching sports at a friends’ place, i made the mistake of stating that i didn’t quite understand fantasy football, and how into it my guy friends got. i couldn’t fathom how these smart, interesting, have-better-things-to-do-if-you-ask-me gentlemen were willing to waste HOURS of time (and a good deal of money, if they lost) on a fake football game that, while pulling in strings from the outside world, existed solely on the internet.

and you know what my friend scott said? he said fantasty football was to guys what online shopping and things like pinterest were to girls. “you get joy out of putting items into an online shopping cart, don’t you?” “yes, of course!” “but you don’t often buy things, do you?” “not often, no.” “and yet you still do it.” “yes, it’s fun!” “so is fantasy football.” 

as in, it doesn’t matter that the games aren’t real games, just like it doesn’t matter to me that sometimes my online shopping isn’t real shopping. putting the items (or players) together is the fun – the rest is somewhat irrelevant.

as you can imagine, ever since then, i’ve kept my mouth shut during fantasy season.

and of course, i still continue to online faux-shop my heart out. which is where this new series, what i want this weekcomes from. like the name says, it’s a list of things i’ve got my eye on come payday. of course, as i told scott, i won’t be buying all of these things. no girl can buy all of the things. a) it’s materialistic and b) payday isn’t THAT big of a day. and who really needs all of the things? no one, that’s who. but in the meantime, i can pin my little heart out {follow my what i want this week board on pinterest here}, and keep my eyes peeled for those extra special items that just need to find their way into my home/heart.


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