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happy weekend sweet studio

happy friday! how lovely is the photo above? it’s of palm springs, a place i’ve never been – but an upcoming trip to florida next week has me thinking of sun and sand, and this picture struck me as a good representation of how i’m feeling right now: calm, content, and sunshine-y. i woke up this morning feeling more refreshed than i have in a while (why, i don’t know), i’ve got a relatively relaxing weekend ahead (for the first time in a long time), and a two day work week next week…wheeee!

i’m leaving work a bit early today to hit up a taylor vs kanye ride at soulcycle (pretty much my dream come true; i’ve been asking for a taylor ride for months), then FINALLY getting my highlights done (my roots are atrocious). i should be home by 8:30 at the latest, and i can’t wait to clean my apartment, order sushi, and settle in to catch up on my DVR. tomorrow, i’m up bright and early for cycle for survival with my old coworkers, and then out to brunch at the smith afterwards (latke eggs florentine, you are calling my name). saturday night i’ve got absolutely NO plans at all, and i can’t wait for some quiet time. i want to clean out my closet, and do some laundry, work on this blog, get to bed early…sunday, i’ve got brunch and a museum date with my friend sophie, a late afternoon soul class, and then the oscars!

and that, folks, is my oh-so-boring-why-would-you-care weekend. for less boring things, click on the links below, which feature all the things i loved on the internets this week.

12 things they don’t teach you in design school. i might not be a designer, but i still loved this.

kate arends’  (of wit & delight) home tour was featured on the everygirl this week, and it is to die for. the perfect mix of masculine and feminine style, with an insane dash of model off duty cool.

i think i’ll make these blueberry muffins this weekend. i’ve been eating a lot of bluebs lately – as a snack with other berries, and in my oatmeal each morning. you know what they say…blueberries help to move things along down there.

this inspirational, super sweet post from mackenzie made me tear up a bit this morning. girl has been working her butt off since college, and it’s amazing to see how far she’s come.

i’m obsessed with jessica golds’ pretty little liars recaps on nymag’s vulture. jessica is HILARIOUS, recapping the best lines of each episode and ranking the liars and their cohorts in a “pretty little power ranking.” can’t get enough.

if you’re a beauty junkie, you’ll love lisa eldridge’s video tutorials. eldridge is an amazing makeup artist who works with cebrities and fashion mags alike. her videos range from audrey hepburn tutorials to face masks reccos, and allow you to create red carpet looks from the comfort of your very own bathroom.

at book club last night, we discussed the love affairs of nathaniel p, which i read this summer, and then re-read for book club. if you live in new york, are a single woman in your twenties/thirties, or have ever slept with a guy only to wonder why he never calls you again, you should read this book. you will love it and hate it at the same time.

mickey rapkin (the author of pitch perfect…yes, that pitch perfect), spent a week as an uber driver. the resulting article is glorious.



new balance sneakers | gold wishbone | embroidered dress | bow flats | love potion | leopard pillow | flannel clutch | boscia black mask | tork mirror | rose gold heart ring | agate coasters |

love potions, leopard, and hearts, OH MY! this week’s WIWTW features a few of my favorite things: face masks, pops of gold, animal print, and of course, SHOES. let’s get some shoes, shall we? the bow flats above are from club monaco, and i saw them in person last weekend at the soho store. they are positively darling, but i can’t rationalize spending over $100 on bow flats. here’s hoping these babies go on sale. those new balance sneakers, on the opposite side of the style spectrum, are a potential replacement for the j.crew version i had my eye on this past fall. the colorway i wanted is sold out, and j.crew has already launched their spring styles, which means the ones i had my heart set on are only available on ebay for upwards of $150. crooks! those ebay assholes bought up all my shoes and then are selling them for a profit! how dare they!

sad story: i had a brief moment of happiness 2 weeks ago at the j.crew store in the flatiron district, where i stumbled upon my one of my chosen shoes (the display version), in my size, with the label “last pair” on the bottom. i immediately grabbed the shoe and ran to the nearest salesperson and blurted out, rather awkwardly, i think, “can i have the other one of these, please?!” the salesperson disappeared into the back room for quite some time, only to come out empty handed. following a computer search, he concluded that the other shoe was missing in the j.crew abyss, never to be seen again. AND, the style was sold out everywhere, including one j.crew location in connecticut, which, despite a computer record which stated they had a few in stock, was all out. i came so close! i gave the j.crew salesman my number, and he promised to call if the other shoe turned up. alas, no one has called. and now my shoe is up on ebay for a ridiculous price.

hence, i’ve been searching for a suitable alternative. these ones seem like a good fit: the grey is a good, neutral, ‘wear with everything’ option, and i love the pop of gingham on the lip of the shoe. plus, i spy with my little eye a little hint of CORAL (something i loved about the j.crew pair).

now that i’ve grumbled about shoes for two paragraphs, let’s talk about the other goodies above. i’m totally intrigued by tata harper’s love potion, which supposedly “inspires sensuality and a sense of inner beauty and confidence.” hells yes, sign me up! i’m also really into charcoal face masks lately, and i’ve heard good things about this boscia one.

i’ve slowly been switching out some design elements in my living room, and i think this cb2 tork mirror (which i’ve had my eye on for over a year) might just be the perfect piece for above the couch. tomorrow is payday, and i’m thinking i’ll march my booty over to cb2 after work and pick one of these beauties up!

speaking of beauty, how cute is this flannel clutch? when i first came across it on pinterest, i assumed it would be cost a pretty penny. color me happy and prove me wrong, because it’s just $46! i love how the yellow tones look almost gold. this would make a great birthday gift for a girlfriend. as would this oversized gold wishbone – one of those perfect pieces to make your home looked funky and lived in and oh so cool. if i could, i’d buy pretty much everything jayson home. the chicago-based home store always knocks it out of the park.

so, now that i’ve done my imaginary shopping for the week, tell me: what are you crushing on lately?


over the past few years, i’ve become somewhat of a workout nut. i’ve talked a bunch about my love for bar method, and more recently, my obsession with soulcycle (the only thing that’s helped me lose weight pretty much ever), but i haven’t given an update on my workout sitch in quite some time. during my first few years in new york, i was an evening gym-goer, but once i got into the ad industry, i quickly realized that the nights of leaving at 5pm were O-V-E-R, and that if i wanted to ensure i got a workout in, i had to do so before i went into the office.

three plus years later, i’m totally an early morning convert. on the days i wake up groggy and cancel bar method, i regret it. the mornings i don’t work out turn into days in which i simply don’t feel as good. i’m less awake, less motivated, less happy…there’s something about starting the day with your endorphins pumping (something i experienced today with an 8am soulcycle class) that just makes life easier. i’ve learned that i don’t have as good of an experience at bar method if i go to an evening class. getting zen before work, and letting the day’s worries evaporate before i even walk out of the studio, makes a huge difference in my day to day stress level.

with soul, i love a good morning class to get pumped up for the day, but i also love riding out my stress in the evenings. soulcycle is so high energy that you can’t help but leave invigorated, even if you walk into the studio tired. i’ve fallen into a bit of a rhythm with soul and bar (something i was struggling with when i first started riding): mondays, i do AM bar and PM soul. this means i start out off my week zen and end my mondays (which are always rough, in my opinion) feeling relaxed and ready to take on the week ahead. tuesdays, i’m AM bar (no soul). wednesdays, i’m AM soul (no bar). thursdays, i’m AM bar (no soul), and fridays, i’m AM bar and evening soul. that equals out to four days of bar method and 3 soul classes a week – then i sometimes add an extra bar or soul class in on the weekends.

i’ve been lucky to make friends at bar method, and to bring friends to soulcycle, which means that i’m often able to turn my workouts into a social excursion as well. at this point, i’m past enjoying working out (something that was a BIG hurdle for me when i initially started classes at bar method) – i seriously look forward to my classes, especially because half the time i know i’ll be burning calories alongside friends. last saturday, my friend lisa and i (who i met at bar method) took a 10:30 AM class, grabbed some breakfast, then spent the afternoon shopping in soho. i literally couldn’t have asked for a more perfect saturday. again, there’s something about starting your day with a workout that just feels amazing – as the quote above says, it makes me feel alive. i especially feel this way at soulcycle, when i’m mid sprint and want to give up, and–thanks to instructor motivation–manage to push through, taking my body to places i thought i couldn’t go. there’s really no better way to feel alive than to challenge yourself and come out on the other side.

in short, i feel more alive than i’ve felt in a while, and perhaps more importantly, more balanced and connected with my body than i’ve been in a long time, maybe ever. and that makes the above worth every penny, and every minute of my time.

the one downside of all those morning classes? it means i carry my life around with me pretty much 24/7. my ‘work bag’ is enormous, and also carries either my outfit for the day or my workout clothes, plus my makeup, hairbrush, clarisonic, facewash, bar method socks, spin shoes…the list goes on and on. this generally means there’s no room for my lunch (which i try to make myself the night before), so i carry that in a mini lululemon bag (why hasn’t someone designed a cute yet adult lunchbox yet?). Image


for shits and giggles, i thought it might be fun to put together my workout essentials: the things i can’t get through bar method/soulcycle without. my standard outfit includes lululemon wunderunder leggings (my absolute fave, they’re worth every penny because they last forever), a lulu racerback tank, an old navy sports bra (inexpensive at just 16.50 a pop, and they’re often on sale!), and bar method grippy socks. if i’m at soul, i swap the bar socks for regular socks, and add my shimano spin shoes (also an investment, but again worth every penny, they paid for themselves after a few months of spin classes – soul charges you $3/class to rent shoes that someone else’s sweaty feet have been in). i also carry around all natural spray deodorant, blotting papers for the times i can’t shower, and of course, my water bottle, which i legitimately could not live without. it’s pretty much an extension of my arm – which is why i’m contemplating splurging on this adorable heart BKR bottle (glass, BPA free!) that i actually gave my friend kim for christmas (but really want for myself!).

my one other must-have is something i actually haven’t tried yet – no sweat detergent. it was recommended to me by someone at soul this morning; she swears by it to get that sweaty smell out of your workout clothing. i hate to admit it, but even with regular washing, my soul clothes are beginning to smell a bit musty. i don’t think it’s anything anyone else would notice, but i certainly notice them when i put them on. i’ve tried adding a cup of vinegar to my wash (something i read online), but that didn’t quite kill it. my new soul source tells me the no sweat detergent is the real deal, and makes a big difference in how her clothes smell – especially when you can’t wash them right away (which, let’s be honest, is pretty much always the case…my sweaty clothes sit in my hamper for a few days before they make it into the washing machine. gross, i know). i have high hopes that no sweat is going to be a real lifesaver when it arrives on my doorstep!

and that, folks, is my healthy living roundup. what i’m doing, when i’m doing it, and what i’m wearing when i do so. end scene.

daily beauty fresh faced

because i get up early to work out before i head into the office, i’ve developed a quick and dirty makeup routine that can be applied pretty much anywhere (that includes the dreaded subway application, which, at my old agency, happened more often than i’d like to admit). generally, i’m showering, blow-drying, dressing, and “putting on my face” (as my grandma used to say) in the bar method locker room, which means that i can’t exactly carry the entire kitchen sink around with me. luckily, my makeup routine has gotten much simpler over the years.  i used to gravitate toward eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick – the works – but the older i get, the less makeup i want to put on. i still love a good glittery shadow for a night out, and a bold lip had saved me on more days than i can count, but for the most part, i’m keeping it short and sweet. i can apply the look above in under 5 minutes, which is my saving grace on days i’ve got to get to a 9am meeting or can’t seem to find any available mirror space.

nars has long been my go-to makeup brand; i wear their bronzer, illuminating stick (the multiple is pretty much the best thing that’s ever taken up space in my makeup bag) and blush every single day.

when it comes to eye makeup, i’m ALL ABOUT my eyelash curler. i have never, not once in my life, applied mascara without curling my eyelashes first. curling makes a HUGE difference. in just 20 seconds, your eyes look larger, brighter, and all together more awake. you can’t go wrong.

i vacillate between favorite mascara brands. for a while, i was all about this covergirl lash blast, but i got a little mini diorshow in with my sephora points recently, and man, was i missing out! i actually used diorshow for a few years when i first moved to NYC and went a bit makeup crazy, but had switched to the drugstore brands because they’re way more affordable. i forgot how darn good it is. i swear, it gives you falsies! without actual falsies!

last but certainly not least, i put something on my lips. sometimes, when i’m going for fresh and easy, like above, it’s (pun not intended) fresh’s lip sugar in cherry – a fabulous lip moisturizer that also adds a good amount of color (much more than the average chapstick). if i’m feeling more adventurous, i’ll go for bright lipstick instead of the above  – but that’s a different post for a different day ( i love me some bright lipstick).

follow the 6 steps above, and you’ve got an easy, natural beauty look that can get you out the door in five minutes or less. perfect for weekend brunch, an early morning at the office, or just a go-to everyday face.

J. Crew | F/W 2014 Presentation Photo by Bryan Derballa

oh, friday, i am so happy you are here! the weather in new york today is supremely dreary; we’ve got a san francisco-style fog thing going on, and i can’t wait to crawl into my bed at the end of the day. for a short week, this week was very, well, long. i spent tuesday and wednesday at a research session for work (read: many, many hours in a dark, windowless room listening to people talk on the other side of a two-way mirror – i could see them; they couldn’t see me). traveling for work, and being a part of research, is a relatively new thing for me (more on that here), and while i love the opportunity and what it represents for my career, it’s also exhausting. i never sleep well in beds that aren’t my own, and staying up way past my bedtime just really isn’t my thing.

last night, i joined my old coworkers for a bachelorette party at a karaoke place in korea town. it was beyond fun, but man, i am struggling today. here’s how you know when you’re getting old: when even 3 glasses of wine gives you a hangover. i actually feel much better than i thought i’d feel, given that i chased that wine with a shot of fireball, but i also have the distinct sense that my head isn’t quite connected to my body. i didn’t make it to bar method this morning (needed the extra 1.5 hours of sleep), but i am hoping to get to soulcycle tonight to spin out all the tannins and toxins.

the rest of the weekend involves bar method and brunch and shopping and dinner – all my favorite things – but i’m also banking on it involving early nights and lots of sleep. i’ve barely been home this week, and i’ve got another busy week ahead. i need some time to decompress, clean my apartment, pet my cat…you know, the usual.

so, now that i’ve got that wacky rambling off my chest, here are some things i loved this week.

on the importance of “stupid” ideas. as a creative, this is always refreshing to hear. many of my favorite concepts have come from ideas or fragments of ideas that i’ve couched as, “this might be stupid, but…”

three reasons why the carrie diaries deserves a third season. because anna sophia robb actually has SJP’s mannerisms down pat, because the creators dared to touch the aids crisis (and did so pretty darn well), and because season 3 would actually bring us closer to the NYC savvy carrie we know and love.

pentagram rebrands the tonight show for jimmy fallon. this is just plain cool. i used to work with an art director (who i still believe is quite possibly the most creative individual i know) whose dream gig was to work at pentagram. read this, and you won’t blame her.

bounce bounce bounce other jimmy news, this is the best thing ever.

jess lively interviews liz schneider. i’m a relatively new reader of liz’s blog, sequins & stripes, but i sure do love her eye for style. as someone who writes a blog more because she likes pretty things and likes to write (but doesn’t ever expect it to go anywhere), i’m always fascinated by the women who have turned their pet projects into real live businesses. 45 minutes of goodness, i tell you.

KIMS-APT-ENTRY_046on tuesday night, i instagrammed this photo of my hotel room with the hashtag #realgrownup. i was on a trip for work in philadelphia, and was staying at a sheraton, in a room with a giant king size bed that i had all to myself. and as i took off my makeup, washing off the day, and changed out of my fancy ‘meet the clients for the first time’ dress into my leggings and sweatshirt, i had a little moment of “holy shit, i am a real grownup.”

i know it sounds silly. i am a real grownup in a lot of ways. for starters, i just turned 28, which is definitely real grownup territory. i have a good job where i make good money. i have a nice apartment that i pay for all on my own. in fact, i pay for everything i do all on my own: my vacations, my (expensive cult class) exercise habit, my many orders of takeout sushi and my shopping excursions. i am a decidedly separate entity from the family unit in which i grew up. the live i live is mine -though i share it with other people – it’s no one else’s.


sure, i don’t have children, or a serious relationship (the latter i’d take right away, the former i want eventually), but beyond those missing pieces, i’m doing fairly well at being an adult (there were some serious roadbumps when i first graduated college). i am, for all intents and purposes, a legitimate, real, grownup.

that being said, i sometimes feel light years behind my peers, a lot of whom are in serious relationships, a few of whom are married, and most of whom seem to have it all figured out. and don’t even get me started on my imaginary peers – the legions of bloggers i follow who SERIOUSLY seem to have it all (i know that a blog isn’t real life, but you know what i mean).


this is going to sound ridiculously superficial and shallow, but the one area where i do feel like a real grownup on the regular is my home. my apartment is my pride and joy. i moved into it during a time when i was really going through some shit (and that’s basically the understatement of the century), and for a while, i was convinced it would never feel like home. but almost five years later, i’m still there, and it’s more comfortable than i ever could have imagined. it is my sanctuary. i’ve poured a lot of time, and heart, and money, into it. and yet, not a penny i’ve spent on it feels wasted. the things i buy for my home, even the expensive ones, feel like the most worthy investments in the world.

which is why i fell head over heels for this ‘starter apartment’ (and i use that term insanely lightly; this woman clearly has moolah and resources many of us don’t) featured on one kings lane. it’s a one bedroom, and belongs to the eldest daughter of OKL founder susan feldman. like i said, girl has resources.

KIMS-APT-LIVING-RUG_787 KIMS-APT-LIVING-BARCART_243kim, the article states, had spent the past 5 years in a cramped roommate situation (we’ve all been there, thanks new york!), and this was her first real grownup home. she enlisted OKL stylist andrew to help her create a glamorous, modern place that she could call her own. the before pictures are nothing special, but the after shots are truly spectacular – proof that you can take a boring white box and turn it into something beautiful.


i doubt that i’ll ever be able to afford the level of decor this apartment boasts (and even if i could, i’m not sure i could stomach those price tags), but the message of the piece – that you should buy what you love, and create a home that feels like it’s really YOURS – sits well with me. my apartment might not be as fancy schmancy as this one, and i might not yet have figured out my true decorating style (as OKL says, design is never done!), but it is MINE, and it looks and feels like me…

and that, my friends, is real grownup territory.

968ee027f60c26ccdd2c3e1588404166you guys. i am OBSESSED with pretty much every room in christine dovey’s (who pens bijou and boheme) home. it’s at once uber feminine, totally chic, bohemian but modern, glamorous but traditional. dovey has managed to tick all the design boxes without a single inch of the space seeming overdone. i’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but do yourself a favor and check out the full shoot on style me pretty living.

16299a033d904cd7436c7be5bc9828f5 d104c38eb4fac42303a407304238e932 5dbe16a574047e359881af63e578cd347df8021dfe9020b3c080c39626065c8e


equipment silk polka dot pajamas | heart printed matchbox | love potion | vintage brass cats | striped hammam towels | brass lamp | gold-leafed bar cart | agate door handles | leopard slip-on sneaker | bow sweatshirt |

lately, when i get home, all i want to do is rip off my work clothes (okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. rip makes the act sound way sexier than it actually is), throw my hair into a messy bun, take off my makeup, and put on some seriously comfy pjs, stat. which is silly, really, since i wear leggings pretty much every day, and work in a place where ‘business casual’ is so casual that i could pretty much wear ANYTHING and no one would blink an eye. maybe it’s a function of the frigid weather, maybe it’s that when i get home, i want to be in oversized, not-at-all constricting clothing (since leggings are so constricting and all)…or maybe it’s that i found these pjs, from equipment, and i just want to wear them ALL THE TIME. what can i say? i am a comfort first girl.

other finds this week include the most awesome door handles of ALL TIME IN AGATE (YES, AGATE. i die. these with a mid-century console would be insane), the cutest matches ever (file these under “things i absolutely do not need”), adorable little brass cats i’m eyeing (you can never have enough tchotchkes), and my number one “must have” shoe for spring: leopard slip-on sneaks.

brass cats…come to mama.

happy thursday!

Imagei’m not really a glamorous type of girl. sure, i can rock red lipstick with the best of ’em, but i’d never describe myself as the glamorous, nor sophisticated, type. but that doesn’t stop me from loving glamorous people, and glamorous spaces, when i see them. such is certainly the case with lauren santo domingo’s paris apartment, a study in black, white and gold. this space is BEYOND chic. there’s really no other word for it besides glamorous. i can’t imagine living in a space like this – it seems more like a museum than a home – but i sure can take a long hard look at the eye candy. enjoy! 




i am a born and bred northeasterner. i doubt i’ll ever move out west. i don’t love san francisco, california doesn’t call my name, and i’ll be visiting los angeles for the first time this spring. but all that being said, i fell hard for patrick dempsey’s home, as featured in this month’s architectural digest. the home is an original tin (tin!) structure designed by the inimitable frank gehry in the late 1960s; dempsey and his wife updated it with the help of interior designer estee stanley (also the brains behind one of my favorite new interior sites, domaine, as well as justin timberlake’s other half in the homemint collection). estee epitomizes california cool, so it’s no wonder i love this home, even though it’s way out of my design style and comfort zone.


i’m especially in love with the living room, what with those gorgeous clean-lined sofas (custom pieces, of course) and beautiful reclaimed wood pieces. that oversized mercury glass lamp is calling my name (try anthro’s silver etched lamp bases for a similar look). also, we can’t not talk about the stacked wood situation going on on the sides of the fireplace. i mean, HELLO, statement. i’ve seen this done quite a bit over the past few years, but mostly on a much smaller scale. here, stanley really went for the gold (ahem, wood-toned), and it totally works. your eye immediately goes to the fireplace, then gets drawn upward by that antique mirror. love the finish on that, and how it’s just a few shades away, but very much in the same family, as the mercury glass lamp on the side table.


also, can we talk about this room? it’s dempsey’s wife’s art studio. the architectural in this space is beyond. the couple has a few kids, and i like that the studio also includes a comfortable seating area for the family (and perhaps potential clients?). again, we’re seeing lots of reclaimed wood, and hints of industrial style scattered amongst the more california bohemian pieces.


i’m surprised at how much i like this kitchen. it’s way too modern for my taste, and yet, i would LOVE to cook a meal in here. those concrete slab countertops are so crisp and fresh, and i love the way the sun drenches the space in light. a true gehry traot. i’m also loving the wide-plank wood floors. it almost, almost, gives the space a bit of a northeastern farmhouse feel.


and of course, who could forget that they have an AIRSTREAM TRAILER in their backyard? i mean…uber cool. the raised beds hold flowers, veggies, and herbs. all the better to cook fresh food in that gorgeous kitchen, of course.

love it. do you?