recently, i participated in an old school email chain that asked me to send words of inspiration, words that had gotten me through hard times, to a person i did not know.

i didn’t send this quote; i sent one by margaret shepard (“sometimes your only transportation is a leap of faith”). but i sort of wish i’d sent this one instead. i know it’s corny to love a quote from the help, but i have always found this little mantra so empowering, and so wonderful. because we always forget that we are kind, and we are smart, and above all, we are important.

the next time you have a tough day, i hope you repeat these words to yourself. perhaps write them in lipstick on your mirror. perhaps print this out and hang it up in your cubicle at work. perhaps make it an iphone background. whatever you choose, make these words your magic.

  1. debbie said:

    love that saying and loving your blog.

    • it’s such a nice saying, isn’t it? such simple words, but such a good reminder.

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