happy weekend!

J. Crew | F/W 2014 Presentation Photo by Bryan Derballa

oh, friday, i am so happy you are here! the weather in new york today is supremely dreary; we’ve got a san francisco-style fog thing going on, and i can’t wait to crawl into my bed at the end of the day. for a short week, this week was very, well, long. i spent tuesday and wednesday at a research session for work (read: many, many hours in a dark, windowless room listening to people talk on the other side of a two-way mirror – i could see them; they couldn’t see me). traveling for work, and being a part of research, is a relatively new thing for me (more on that here), and while i love the opportunity and what it represents for my career, it’s also exhausting. i never sleep well in beds that aren’t my own, and staying up way past my bedtime just really isn’t my thing.

last night, i joined my old coworkers for a bachelorette party at a karaoke place in korea town. it was beyond fun, but man, i am struggling today. here’s how you know when you’re getting old: when even 3 glasses of wine gives you a hangover. i actually feel much better than i thought i’d feel, given that i chased that wine with a shot of fireball, but i also have the distinct sense that my head isn’t quite connected to my body. i didn’t make it to bar method this morning (needed the extra 1.5 hours of sleep), but i am hoping to get to soulcycle tonight to spin out all the tannins and toxins.

the rest of the weekend involves bar method and brunch and shopping and dinner – all my favorite things – but i’m also banking on it involving early nights and lots of sleep. i’ve barely been home this week, and i’ve got another busy week ahead. i need some time to decompress, clean my apartment, pet my cat…you know, the usual.

so, now that i’ve got that wacky rambling off my chest, here are some things i loved this week.

on the importance of “stupid” ideas. as a creative, this is always refreshing to hear. many of my favorite concepts have come from ideas or fragments of ideas that i’ve couched as, “this might be stupid, but…”

three reasons why the carrie diaries deserves a third season. because anna sophia robb actually has SJP’s mannerisms down pat, because the creators dared to touch the aids crisis (and did so pretty darn well), and because season 3 would actually bring us closer to the NYC savvy carrie we know and love.

pentagram rebrands the tonight show for jimmy fallon. this is just plain cool. i used to work with an art director (who i still believe is quite possibly the most creative individual i know) whose dream gig was to work at pentagram. read this, and you won’t blame her.

bounce bounce bounce bounce...in other jimmy news, this is the best thing ever.

jess lively interviews liz schneider. i’m a relatively new reader of liz’s blog, sequins & stripes, but i sure do love her eye for style. as someone who writes a blog more because she likes pretty things and likes to write (but doesn’t ever expect it to go anywhere), i’m always fascinated by the women who have turned their pet projects into real live businesses. 45 minutes of goodness, i tell you.


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