what i want this week: volume 3


new balance sneakers | gold wishbone | embroidered dress | bow flats | love potion | leopard pillow | flannel clutch | boscia black mask | tork mirror | rose gold heart ring | agate coasters |

love potions, leopard, and hearts, OH MY! this week’s WIWTW features a few of my favorite things: face masks, pops of gold, animal print, and of course, SHOES. let’s get some shoes, shall we? the bow flats above are from club monaco, and i saw them in person last weekend at the soho store. they are positively darling, but i can’t rationalize spending over $100 on bow flats. here’s hoping these babies go on sale. those new balance sneakers, on the opposite side of the style spectrum, are a potential replacement for the j.crew version i had my eye on this past fall. the colorway i wanted is sold out, and j.crew has already launched their spring styles, which means the ones i had my heart set on are only available on ebay for upwards of $150. crooks! those ebay assholes bought up all my shoes and then are selling them for a profit! how dare they!

sad story: i had a brief moment of happiness 2 weeks ago at the j.crew store in the flatiron district, where i stumbled upon my one of my chosen shoes (the display version), in my size, with the label “last pair” on the bottom. i immediately grabbed the shoe and ran to the nearest salesperson and blurted out, rather awkwardly, i think, “can i have the other one of these, please?!” the salesperson disappeared into the back room for quite some time, only to come out empty handed. following a computer search, he concluded that the other shoe was missing in the j.crew abyss, never to be seen again. AND, the style was sold out everywhere, including one j.crew location in connecticut, which, despite a computer record which stated they had a few in stock, was all out. i came so close! i gave the j.crew salesman my number, and he promised to call if the other shoe turned up. alas, no one has called. and now my shoe is up on ebay for a ridiculous price.

hence, i’ve been searching for a suitable alternative. these ones seem like a good fit: the grey is a good, neutral, ‘wear with everything’ option, and i love the pop of gingham on the lip of the shoe. plus, i spy with my little eye a little hint of CORAL (something i loved about the j.crew pair).

now that i’ve grumbled about shoes for two paragraphs, let’s talk about the other goodies above. i’m totally intrigued by tata harper’s love potion, which supposedly “inspires sensuality and a sense of inner beauty and confidence.” hells yes, sign me up! i’m also really into charcoal face masks lately, and i’ve heard good things about this boscia one.

i’ve slowly been switching out some design elements in my living room, and i think this cb2 tork mirror (which i’ve had my eye on for over a year) might just be the perfect piece for above the couch. tomorrow is payday, and i’m thinking i’ll march my booty over to cb2 after work and pick one of these beauties up!

speaking of beauty, how cute is this flannel clutch? when i first came across it on pinterest, i assumed it would be cost a pretty penny. color me happy and prove me wrong, because it’s just $46! i love how the yellow tones look almost gold. this would make a great birthday gift for a girlfriend. as would this oversized gold wishbone – one of those perfect pieces to make your home looked funky and lived in and oh so cool. if i could, i’d buy pretty much everything jayson home. the chicago-based home store always knocks it out of the park.

so, now that i’ve done my imaginary shopping for the week, tell me: what are you crushing on lately?


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