happy weekend

happy weekend sweet studio

happy friday! how lovely is the photo above? it’s of palm springs, a place i’ve never been – but an upcoming trip to florida next week has me thinking of sun and sand, and this picture struck me as a good representation of how i’m feeling right now: calm, content, and sunshine-y. i woke up this morning feeling more refreshed than i have in a while (why, i don’t know), i’ve got a relatively relaxing weekend ahead (for the first time in a long time), and a two day work week next week…wheeee!

i’m leaving work a bit early today to hit up a taylor vs kanye ride at soulcycle (pretty much my dream come true; i’ve been asking for a taylor ride for months), then FINALLY getting my highlights done (my roots are atrocious). i should be home by 8:30 at the latest, and i can’t wait to clean my apartment, order sushi, and settle in to catch up on my DVR. tomorrow, i’m up bright and early for cycle for survival with my old coworkers, and then out to brunch at the smith afterwards (latke eggs florentine, you are calling my name). saturday night i’ve got absolutely NO plans at all, and i can’t wait for some quiet time. i want to clean out my closet, and do some laundry, work on this blog, get to bed early…sunday, i’ve got brunch and a museum date with my friend sophie, a late afternoon soul class, and then the oscars!

and that, folks, is my oh-so-boring-why-would-you-care weekend. for less boring things, click on the links below, which feature all the things i loved on the internets this week.

12 things they don’t teach you in design school. i might not be a designer, but i still loved this.

kate arends’  (of wit & delight) home tour was featured on the everygirl this week, and it is to die for. the perfect mix of masculine and feminine style, with an insane dash of model off duty cool.

i think i’ll make these blueberry muffins this weekend. i’ve been eating a lot of bluebs lately – as a snack with other berries, and in my oatmeal each morning. you know what they say…blueberries help to move things along down there.

this inspirational, super sweet post from mackenzie made me tear up a bit this morning. girl has been working her butt off since college, and it’s amazing to see how far she’s come.

i’m obsessed with jessica golds’ pretty little liars recaps on nymag’s vulture. jessica is HILARIOUS, recapping the best lines of each episode and ranking the liars and their cohorts in a “pretty little power ranking.” can’t get enough.

if you’re a beauty junkie, you’ll love lisa eldridge’s video tutorials. eldridge is an amazing makeup artist who works with cebrities and fashion mags alike. her videos range from audrey hepburn tutorials to face masks reccos, and allow you to create red carpet looks from the comfort of your very own bathroom.

at book club last night, we discussed the love affairs of nathaniel p, which i read this summer, and then re-read for book club. if you live in new york, are a single woman in your twenties/thirties, or have ever slept with a guy only to wonder why he never calls you again, you should read this book. you will love it and hate it at the same time.

mickey rapkin (the author of pitch perfect…yes, that pitch perfect), spent a week as an uber driver. the resulting article is glorious.


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