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Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preseti had a moment of pure bliss this morning, walking from my usual coffee shop to my office. the temperatures have gone WAY up here in new york (it must have at least been in the high forties – side note, how depressing that the high forties are considered ‘way up’), so much that i wore a light army jacket that i haven’t worn since the fall. the air was crisp, the sun was peeking through the clouds, i was wearing my favorite sparkly sneakers, i’d gotten up and gone to a killer bar method class (god help my inner thighs), i had a chai in hand, i had a relaxing weekend ahead of me, it was friday…

and despite all the things weighing on my mind, i felt content, and happy, and LUCKY. lucky to be walking down west broadway with some pep in my step, lucky to be feeling the sunshine stealing little kisses here and there, lucky to living in one of the greatest cities in the world, lucky to have a job i like and friends i adore and a workout regime that makes me feel strong and powerful.

i often get caught up in my own head, get bogged down by the little voice telling me i’m not good enough, things aren’t good enough – so i have to really value the moments when i feel like i am enough, and my life is enough. and this morning, i had one of those moments, and it made me feel lucky to be alive.

this weekend, i’ll be tackling my taxes (BLECH), trying a core fusion class, going to dinner, catching up on my DVR, seeing divergent and cleaning out my closet (!!). after working straight through the weekend last week, i can’t wait to just have some early to bed alone time to sit with my thoughts, get some shit done, and hopefully, craft some fun new posts for the blog! (lemon parm pasta recipe, anyone?)

here’s hoping you have a wonderful weekend, and that you have your own little moment of bliss.

ps: in case you missed it yesterday, i tried oil pulling. in fact, i pulled again this morning, and i’m pretty sure it eliminated the slight hangover i definitely would have had had i not pulled. 

things that piqued my interest this week:

what l’wren scott’s suicide teaches us about new york’s ‘consume consume consume’ philosophy. an interesting, and honestly, quite depressing read. i know that i myself have become much more of a consumer since living in new york, and sometimes, i feel quite guilty about it. i’m sure i could be happy with less things, and have been pondering what i could get rid of (and what i’d like to keep simply because it makes me happy).

taming the voice in your head. i’m not usually one for self help books, but the voice in my head is usually screaming at full volume, and it would do me well to turn her down a bit. added to my amazon cart.

microsoft office for ipad! now that this is a real thing, i need to get my booty into gear and invest in a little portable keyboard for my ipad. any reccos? ideally, i’d like to travel solely with my ipad and not have to lug my computer along with me. though, at 4 years old now, i’ve been thinking it might be time to start saving for an upgrade to my beloved macbook pro.

on living lighter and letting go. this quote really resonated with me this week. i’ve been working on trying to shrug off the things i need not/don’t want to carry. easier said than done, of course, but i suppose practice makes perfect.

DIY rose body scrub. YUM, and so springy. i can’t wait to make this. i’ve DIYed a lot of body scrubs over the years, but i tend toward lemon or citrus-y scents. i’ve never dabbled in rose.

38 essential NYC restaurants. i’ve only been to 2 on this list. clearly, i’ve got some eating to do.


oil pullinghave you guys heard about oil pulling? it’s been all the rage in the blogosphere (please note my sarcasm here), but has actually been around for eons. oil pulling is an ancient ayurvedic technique that involves swishing a teaspoon or so of oil (yes, oil) around in your mouth for about 20 minutes. it’s best to “pull” on an empty stomach, so most folks do it first thing in the morning, pre-tooth brushing. oil pulling is said to draw out the toxins in your body, improving oral health, and (since your mouth is an important indicator of your general physical wellbeing), your overall health too!

reported benefits include: 

* whiter teeth

* cavity and gingivitis prevention

* better breath

* stronger teeth and gums

* less jaw pain (this is especially good for people who suffer from TMJ)

* improved sinus health and sleep

* alleviation of headaches, hangovers (!!), and skin issues such as acne and psoriasis

sounds good, right? i have to tell you, i’m not sold. see that photo above? that’s me, with no makeup and dirty hair, swishing organic sesame oil in my mouth for a full fifteen minutes at 6:45 am this morning. i look FABULOUS, right? that’s how i roll up to bar method each morning. hot mess style.

what i did: i chose sesame oil because a) i like it in my food and b) i couldn’t stomach (literally) the idea of coconut oil, which would have to “melt” in my mouth before things really got started. plus, i hate the taste of coconut. in retrospect, i wish i’d gone with sunflower, or even really nice olive oil, because sesame was a little bit weird.

it started out ok. i poured myself a teaspoon (some recommend a full tablespoon but i could not handle that) of oil, popped it into my mouth, and started swishing. while i swished, i took out my lunch, fed my cat, filled my water bottle, made my bed, put my workout clothes on, applied deodorant….basically, i did everything i could possibly do to get myself out the door without brushing my teeth. about 8 minutes in, the amount of oil in my mouth seemed to double. apparently, that’s a function both of the swishing, and the fact that all those nasty toxins are coming out. GROSS.

i kept swishing. i put my dry cleaning out for pickup, packed my bag, and put on my boots.

i still had 3 minutes of swishing to go. why does this shit take so long?! by this time, my mouth was FULL. my head kind of hurt. i cleaned my cat’s litter box. i’d run out of things to do to take my mind off the swishing.

finally, at 6:50, i’d reached 15 minutes. most people recommend 20, but i had to be out the door at 6:55 and still needed to brush my teeth. i spit my oil into a glass. it had gone into my mouth a clear, brown-tinted sesame. it came out milky. digusting, but also totally fascinating. is that plaque? toxins? bubbles? is oil pulling magic?!

to get the taste out of my mouth, i gargled quickly with salt water, then brushed my teeth as normal. i could still taste a hint of sesame, which wasn’t ideal – but it went away within the hour.

the verdict: my teeth do feel remarkably clean. i have a bit of a headache, which, according to research, is my ‘toxin detox’ (aka, now that i’ve started pulling all the nasty shit out, it’ll hurt for a bit while my body readjusts). sort of freaky, but again, also sort of fascinating. i wouldn’t say i hated oil pulling, but i definitely would not say i enjoyed it. overall, it wasn’t terrible. just really, really, weird. would i try it again? sure. in fact, i think i’ll try it again tomorrow, maybe with coconut oil, provided i can stomach it (it’s reported to have stronger detoxifying benefits). i assume it would take a few weeks of pulling to see any real results, and i’m not sure i can keep it up that long. overall, it’s unclear how much better oil pulling is, than, say, using mouthwash after you brush your teeth. it kind of seems like one of those wacky health fads, the kind that’s REALLY cool  one minute and is totally out of vogue the next.

will people soon be saying, “stop trying to make oil pulling happen!”? maybe. but in the meantime, if you need me in the early morning, i’ll be swishing away like a wacko while i clean my cat’s litter box. over and out, folks.




this week’s wishlist is all about spring: bright, fun, lighter shades, a fabulous (and relatively inexpensive!) overnighter for weekend trips to the beach, and the most fabulous phone case i’ve seen in a long time. how much do i love those loeffler randall leopard sandals? leopard is a neutral, folks. and that hooray! tote from bando is pretty much guaranteed to bring you happiness each time you wear it. lord knows i could use an internal parade of hoorays in my mind. couldn’t we all?

i’ve heard great things about oribe’s texturizing spray. i want to get my hands on a travel sized version to test it out. ever since i chopped my hair, i’ve been into the messy bobbed look, but despite by best attempts, my hair dries not-as-all-tousled-and-totally-regular.

these peachy pink mirrored ray bans from j.crew practically shout spring from the rooftops, and with a little savings time, i might just make them mine. it’s unclear as to whether i can pull off the mirrored look, but that’s what free returns are for!

what have you been coveting lately?


i’ve been following photographer jamie beck for a few years now, and every time i come across one of her photos on instagram or one of her posts in my blog roll, i experience this overwhelming sense of wow, i wish i had that life. not even in a jealous way, really. more in a, i admire her drive and her talent and her passion so much kind of way. beck is the kind of woman i hope to be when i grow up (even though she’s only 2 years older than me). she is (or appears to be, at least) secure in who she is and confident in her life path. she’s the kind of woman who knows who she wants to be, what she wants from life, and isn’t afraid to go ‘head and get it.

her blog is a veritable feast for the eyes, and her latest post, about 30 things she’s learned over the past 30 years, is no different. it features beautifully shot black and white images of her 30th birthday, a glamorous affair that appears to have featured ball gowns (because why not?), and includes some really good tidbits of advice that i couldn’t help but share. beck says that she’s “independent in a way that i wasn’t in my 20s” and that she feels she’s “finally found her rhythm in life.” inspiring, right? i recently turned 28, and i feel that i’m just starting to find my rhythm. here’s hoping by the time i turn 30, i’ll be closer to finding my place, and more importantly, finding my peace.

below, a few of my favorites from jamie’s list, 30 things i’ve learned in the past 30 years:

2. Failures are not mistakes, only the lessons that give us stories.

3. GO WITH YOUR GUT. Always, always, always.

7. You may end up loving the things you once hated.


25. Don’t be in a hurry to graduate college, get a job, get married, have babies. Have the freedom to spend your 20s exploring yourself and the world around you.

26. “He who does not take risk, does not drink Champagne.” Risk = reward

27. Perfection is boring.

28. Like attracts like. Create the kind of work you want to keep creating. Work with the kinds of people you want to keep working with. Surround yourself with people you believe in.



good lord, i need a break from life. my trip to LA can’t come soon enough. i can’t wait to be on a plane, humming phantom planet to myself, dreaming of planting my toes in the soft hot sand. this week was a busy one at work, though i did my best to take it easy, socially, with just a few dinners out here and there. i started monday off with a killer 7am soulcycle class with my girl isabel, and let me tell you, tapping it back is a LOT harder at 7am than it is at 8am (which is my usual weekday time slot). i managed to get to bar method 4 times and soul 3 times this week, and i’m taking my friend sara to try bar this sunday (!!!), which will make a total of 8 workouts. killin’ it. except not, because i’m currently stuffing a bagel in my face. hey, it’s friday, right? other things on the docket for the weekend include a going away party, brunch, and seeing divergent (!!!!!!) with some wonderful ladies and a whole lot of overly-buttered popcorn. i also need to get some work done over the weekend (sad face, no fun), and really need to clean my closet and do my taxes. does anyone else feel like they need more hours in the day (or more days in the week)?

things i liked this week: 

can you handle it when your best employees quit? having quit my old job for a new one, i found this an interesting read. not because i consider myself a “best employee” but because i did in fact wonder whether my managers questioned how their actions influenced my choice to go somewhere else.

 behind the design of the grand budapest hotel. wes anderson does it again. GBH is stunning, and this article talks about how the folks behind the film created the eye candy we see onscreen. interesting stuff. did you know that the movie was filmed in germany, though it takes place in a fictional european country? or that the “hotel” is actually a department store? i love this sort of behind the scenes look. it’s so fun to see how

a new orleans apartment tour. looove this home tour from the everygirl. what i’d give for a home that size, and a home with exposed brick. the everygirl has really been killing it lately, especially with their home tours. i’d secretly love to have my humble little apartment shot and featured, but i don’t think it’s quite chic enough to match up with the ladies of TEG.

cake in a jar is a thing. i mean…what a genius idea. why didn’t i think of that? for the record, “why didn’t i think of that” is also my response to baked by melissa. MINI CUPCAKES. THE GIRL HAS MADE A FORTUNE ON SMALL CUPCAKES. who would have thunk?

rowing is back in vogue. okay, maybe it was never really in vogue in the first place for greater society, but for me, the girl who spent her high school years as 3 seat, rowing was the shit. i decided not to row in college (5am wakeup times weren’t exactly my cup of tea), but have toyed with the idea of getting back into here in NYC (unfortunately, to row on a team here in the city, you have to wake up at 5am….and trek to harlem). cityrow is a new group fitness studio that combines rowing on the ergs (indoor rowing machines that mimic the motions you do on the water) with mat work. i’m intrigued.

the circle. tomorrow my book club will discuss dave eggers’ latest novel, a societal critique of all things social media. the book centers around mae, a naive college grad who thinks she’s won the life lottery when she’s offered a job at the circle, a fictitious magical company that’s essentially google + apple + facebook + twitter + every other smart startup you’ve heard of, combined. as someone who’s pretty connected to social media, i found the book fascinating. a good read, especially if you’re an eggers fan.


feeling springy

tibi neon and gray sweater | madewell hoops | loeffler randall mint satchel | j.crew sun hat| otte silk tank | deborah lippmann polish | gap chambray dress | illevesta sunnies | j.crew soludos | nars angelika | loeffler randall starla sandals | madewell neon lace skirt | rebecca taylor lace crop top | old navy striped hoodie | diptyque rosamundi candle

in honor of the first day of spring (and man, is it lovely in new york today. helllooo, sunshine!), here are some picks (click the link to shop on polyvore!) on my wishlist for the new season.

ps: i already splurged on the candle, and let me tell you, it was worth every penny. it makes my room, and pretty much everything i own that sets foot in my room, smell insanely delicious. light, fresh, but still a little bit sexy (dare i call a candle sexy?), it’s the perfect spring scent.


guys, i’m totally having a champagne problem. as in, a problem that’s so ridiculous, and so unworthy of attention, that i can’t believe i’m even writing a blog post about it. except that’s sort of my thing: i write about my problems. and my heartache, and my joy, and just about anything else i can think to write about. writing about my life has always been how i process it (ALL THE FEELINGS, ALL OF THE TIME), and lately, i need to process this issue: i am too damn busy. does anyone else feel like the quote above? my brain is just constantly churning with ‘to do’s’ and ‘don’t forget’s’ and all these other silly tiny little things that swim around in my imagination like tiny little amoebas.

i am a creature of habit to a fault, and ever so slightly OCD, which means that once i get in my head that i’m going to do something, i as in, if i wake up on a monday morning and tell myself that i’ll get two workouts in, and stay late at work, and wash my sheets and make myself a healthy dinner and catch up on at least one hour of TV, i have to do it all. even when there aren’t really enough hours in the day to do it all. and that’s just the things i do for myself, unrelated to any sort of social life.

see, that ridiculous list up there? that was my yesterday. and the average person would say to themself, self, i don’t think you have time for all those things. so maybe just one workout, or perhaps you order sushi instead of cooking red thai curry from scratch. or, self, the laundry can wait till another night. and all of those responses would be totally normal, and totally practical. but my brain doesn’t work like that. instead, it opens tab after tab after tab, trying to keep track of all the things it wants to do in any given day, and when those things don’t happen, or even seem to appear as though they might not happen, my stress levels go into overdrive.

would the world end if i didn’t make it to bar method? of course not. but in my head, not making it to bar method means destroying all the progress i’ve made in the past 3 years. would it matter if i didn’t get to wash my sheets after a somewhat debaucherous weekend? probably not. but in my head, the sheets are dirty, and contaminated, and stinky and must be washed immediately.

these thoughts are, i know, not the thoughts of a rational person. but a rational person i am not, especially to those who know me well. actually, scratch that: when it comes to advising others, i’m actually quite rational. but in my own head? shit is cray up in there!

riding a few times a week at soulcycle has worked wonders to help me clear the tabs in my brain. it’s as though with every sprint i complete, or every hill i climb, i’m closing a tab. single and never getting married? not going to worry about it today. x that one out. didn’t get to clean the apartment and OMG there’s no time and OMG it’s so dirty? CLICK. that can be done tomorrow. am i doing okay at my new job? do they regret hiring me? tab begone. there’s no way to know what they’re thinking, so it’s a waste of my time to hypothesize.

i’m sure if you’ve read this far down, you’re thinking, geez, sarah is a really crazy person. and i kind of am. thankfully, i’m a few other things besides crazy, and i’m not as crazy as the guy who called me a bitch in the subway yesterday for not donating a dollar to his “get more alcohol” fund.

here’s what i’ve learned about closing the tabs: it’s important to know what helps me shut that shit down. i have a tendency to get really wrapped up in my mind, in my worries, in my anxiety of what comes next, or what i haven’t done well enough or fast enough. and over the past few years (and even moreso over the past few months since i’ve started riding at soul), i’ve learned to be cognizant of when i’ve got too many tabs open. of when my brain is on overdrive. and most importantly, of how to close some tabs when things are getting a little like a mosh pit in the region above my eyebrows.

here’s how i calm myself down:

1) make a list. check things off. even things that you’ve done already. it will make you feel accomplished. (type A folks, can i get a hell yeah?) putting everything on paper means taking it out of my head. once it’s written down, i can close those tabs, and move on with my life.

2) take a bath. i used to HATE baths. i thought they were for old ladies, and more importantly, people who didn’t appreciate the importance of truly being clean (who wants to sit in their own dirty water?). as it turns out, they’re for people who want to close some tabs and let it go. (note: as an aforementioned slightly OCD person, i always do my actual showering after my soak)

3) sweat it out. again, i’m going to give a big shoutout to soulcycle here, for helping me get grounded and #leavethedramaonthebike. last night, instead of going to get a drink with coworkers, i went to bar method. and i debated literally until the very last second which thing i should do: be social, and friendly, and a good coworker, or get the workout i knew i’d feel unfulfilled without in. i went with the latter, and by the time i’d left the studio, i felt lighter.

4) make something. for me, it’s usually a baked good – something about turning on my kitchen aid really gets me in zen mode (weird, i know). it’s not even about eating the sweets. it’s about the methodical measuring and mixing; it takes my mind off everything else.

5) when all else fails, call mom. oh my god, do i dread the day when i’m officially too old to call my mother and vent. seriously, when is that cut off? have i passed it already? does it happen when i become a mom myself? my mother is the only person who will listen to my ridiculous ranting and still love me at the end of the day. god bless her.

there you have it. 5 ways i close the tabs and calm myself down. i’d love to know: what do you do when life feels overwhelming and your brain is on overdrive?

happyweekendsomehow, it is saturday at 5pm, and i’m just now sitting on my bed typing up this post. where does the time go?! i had a relaxing evening last night, taking a 6pm soulcycle class and then coming home to take a nice long bath (i used this new oil from my WIWTW post, L-O-V-E-D it, totally worth the splurge for my tired muscles), clean my apartment, do hoards of laundry (my white couch is actually white again!), and cook myself a nice healthy dinner (sauteed tomatoes, sausage, mushrooms and broccoli with garlic and onion farro). sometimes i guilt trip myself for not going out on friday nights, but if i’m being real: i’d rather stay in and get centered so that i can enjoy a non-hungover saturday. this morning, i got up early and met some friends at bar method, followed by a pit stop for cantaloupe mimosas (yes, they were amazing) and mediterranean eggs at jack’s wife freda and a pop into bloomies for some new sparkly eyeshadow. the weather in new york today is positively lovely, and hints of spring are everywhere! tonight, i’m headed (albeit a few hours late) to st. patrick’s day pub crawl where i’m going to attempt to pace myself, and then to a birthday party for an old coworker who’s recently become a good friend and even better soulcycle buddy. i crunched a few hours of work this afternoon so that i could sleep in tomorrow and wallow in my most-likely-hungover-ness. what do you have planned?

other items to note:

oil pulling is a thing. i was contemplating trying this new trend, rumored to whiten teeth, cure hangovers, and do any number of things in between, when it came up post-brunch today. my friend noa says it’s not nausea-inducing, and is actually pretty effective. coconut oil, here i come!

first kiss. this video, made for clothing line wren, made me feel all warm and sparkly inside. i don’t know that i’d be able to kiss a stranger on command, but i love that these folks just went for it, and didn’t hold back.

easy work week lunches. because i really need to break out of the ‘i’ll just bring my leftovers’ rut.

an interview with dr. bronner’s fam. at camp modin, a wonderful jewish camp where i spent 9 summers growing up, we’d “shower” in the lake routinely with dr. bronner’s peppermint soap. we’d also bring it on camping trips, and use it wash our clothes, our bodies, our teeth…there’s really no other soap like it. this interview with dr. B’s relative was a fun listen.

gq did a nice little feature on the guy behind gregory’s coffee (an nyc mini chain that’s holding its own against starbucks). on the weekends, he likes to “bust out some nice tailored sweatpants.” god, do i love a man who can bust out some nice tailored sweatpants.

young ideas are often ugly. that doesn’t mean they deserve to die. pixar president ed catmull talks about the importance of protecting young concepts. i love this. some of my “young” ideas are still my favorite ones.

a snow day in the west village. i may be ready for spring, but i still believe that there’s little as beautiful as freshly fallen snow. the way it crunches under your feet as you walk, the way it sparkles even without sunshine, the quiet blanket it covers the world in…i love me some snow. and these pictures of it in the west village are gorgeous.

here’s a wonderful weekend spent enjoying the almost spring-like weather!


bar cart | crystal earrings | tortoiseshell sunglasses | bath and shower oil | sequined lip sweater | mbxss flats | eyeshadow palette | starla sandal |

this week’s wants are full of spring goodies: a peachy neutral eye palette with hints of sparkle, a pastel pink sweater with sequined lips (lara’s lips, to be exact), and two pairs of ‘must have’ shoes for spring: matt bernson x grace atwood’s glittery lavender flats (LOVE) + the loeffler randall starla sandal i’ve legitimately been coveting for YEARS in a new colorway. i WILL make those babies mine this summer. also on the list: a body oil/bath oil that supposedly smells luscious (that word always makes me slightly uncomfortable), that target threshold bar cart (need more storage/must stop buying all of the things), super cute (but way too expensive to actually purchase) tortoiseshell aviators, and sparkly stunners from j.crew.

spring can’t get here soon enough.

i have to admit: i’m shocked that vogue has done something so light and fun and unaffected. i absolutely adore this 5 minute video, where the interviewer (hidden behind the camera) knocks on sarah jessica parker’s door, is invited into her home, and asks her 73 (why 73?) questions, rapid-fire, while exploring different rooms in her home.


SJP has a ping pong table in her family room

her response when asked, “heels or flats?” is priceless.

she listens to parliament. FUNKY.

her favorite color is peacock blue (unsurprising). her least favorite is orange.

the best gift she’s ever received is her children. CUE THE VIOLINS.

watch and learn, folks. this is class embodied, with a little bit of spunk.