happy weekend

happyweekendsomehow, it is saturday at 5pm, and i’m just now sitting on my bed typing up this post. where does the time go?! i had a relaxing evening last night, taking a 6pm soulcycle class and then coming home to take a nice long bath (i used this new oil from my WIWTW post, L-O-V-E-D it, totally worth the splurge for my tired muscles), clean my apartment, do hoards of laundry (my white couch is actually white again!), and cook myself a nice healthy dinner (sauteed tomatoes, sausage, mushrooms and broccoli with garlic and onion farro). sometimes i guilt trip myself for not going out on friday nights, but if i’m being real: i’d rather stay in and get centered so that i can enjoy a non-hungover saturday. this morning, i got up early and met some friends at bar method, followed by a pit stop for cantaloupe mimosas (yes, they were amazing) and mediterranean eggs at jack’s wife freda and a pop into bloomies for some new sparkly eyeshadow. the weather in new york today is positively lovely, and hints of spring are everywhere! tonight, i’m headed (albeit a few hours late) to st. patrick’s day pub crawl where i’m going to attempt to pace myself, and then to a birthday party for an old coworker who’s recently become a good friend and even better soulcycle buddy. i crunched a few hours of work this afternoon so that i could sleep in tomorrow and wallow in my most-likely-hungover-ness. what do you have planned?

other items to note:

oil pulling is a thing. i was contemplating trying this new trend, rumored to whiten teeth, cure hangovers, and do any number of things in between, when it came up post-brunch today. my friend noa says it’s not nausea-inducing, and is actually pretty effective. coconut oil, here i come!

first kiss. this video, made for clothing line wren, made me feel all warm and sparkly inside. i don’t know that i’d be able to kiss a stranger on command, but i love that these folks just went for it, and didn’t hold back.

easy work week lunches. because i really need to break out of the ‘i’ll just bring my leftovers’ rut.

an interview with dr. bronner’s fam. at camp modin, a wonderful jewish camp where i spent 9 summers growing up, we’d “shower” in the lake routinely with dr. bronner’s peppermint soap. we’d also bring it on camping trips, and use it wash our clothes, our bodies, our teeth…there’s really no other soap like it. this interview with dr. B’s relative was a fun listen.

gq did a nice little feature on the guy behind gregory’s coffee (an nyc mini chain that’s holding its own against starbucks). on the weekends, he likes to “bust out some nice tailored sweatpants.” god, do i love a man who can bust out some nice tailored sweatpants.

young ideas are often ugly. that doesn’t mean they deserve to die. pixar president ed catmull talks about the importance of protecting young concepts. i love this. some of my “young” ideas are still my favorite ones.

a snow day in the west village. i may be ready for spring, but i still believe that there’s little as beautiful as freshly fallen snow. the way it crunches under your feet as you walk, the way it sparkles even without sunshine, the quiet blanket it covers the world in…i love me some snow. and these pictures of it in the west village are gorgeous.

here’s a wonderful weekend spent enjoying the almost spring-like weather!


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