happy weekend!


good lord, i need a break from life. my trip to LA can’t come soon enough. i can’t wait to be on a plane, humming phantom planet to myself, dreaming of planting my toes in the soft hot sand. this week was a busy one at work, though i did my best to take it easy, socially, with just a few dinners out here and there. i started monday off with a killer 7am soulcycle class with my girl isabel, and let me tell you, tapping it back is a LOT harder at 7am than it is at 8am (which is my usual weekday time slot). i managed to get to bar method 4 times and soul 3 times this week, and i’m taking my friend sara to try bar this sunday (!!!), which will make a total of 8 workouts. killin’ it. except not, because i’m currently stuffing a bagel in my face. hey, it’s friday, right? other things on the docket for the weekend include a going away party, brunch, and seeing divergent (!!!!!!) with some wonderful ladies and a whole lot of overly-buttered popcorn. i also need to get some work done over the weekend (sad face, no fun), and really need to clean my closet and do my taxes. does anyone else feel like they need more hours in the day (or more days in the week)?

things i liked this week: 

can you handle it when your best employees quit? having quit my old job for a new one, i found this an interesting read. not because i consider myself a “best employee” but because i did in fact wonder whether my managers questioned how their actions influenced my choice to go somewhere else.

 behind the design of the grand budapest hotel. wes anderson does it again. GBH is stunning, and this article talks about how the folks behind the film created the eye candy we see onscreen. interesting stuff. did you know that the movie was filmed in germany, though it takes place in a fictional european country? or that the “hotel” is actually a department store? i love this sort of behind the scenes look. it’s so fun to see how

a new orleans apartment tour. looove this home tour from the everygirl. what i’d give for a home that size, and a home with exposed brick. the everygirl has really been killing it lately, especially with their home tours. i’d secretly love to have my humble little apartment shot and featured, but i don’t think it’s quite chic enough to match up with the ladies of TEG.

cake in a jar is a thing. i mean…what a genius idea. why didn’t i think of that? for the record, “why didn’t i think of that” is also my response to baked by melissa. MINI CUPCAKES. THE GIRL HAS MADE A FORTUNE ON SMALL CUPCAKES. who would have thunk?

rowing is back in vogue. okay, maybe it was never really in vogue in the first place for greater society, but for me, the girl who spent her high school years as 3 seat, rowing was the shit. i decided not to row in college (5am wakeup times weren’t exactly my cup of tea), but have toyed with the idea of getting back into here in NYC (unfortunately, to row on a team here in the city, you have to wake up at 5am….and trek to harlem). cityrow is a new group fitness studio that combines rowing on the ergs (indoor rowing machines that mimic the motions you do on the water) with mat work. i’m intrigued.

the circle. tomorrow my book club will discuss dave eggers’ latest novel, a societal critique of all things social media. the book centers around mae, a naive college grad who thinks she’s won the life lottery when she’s offered a job at the circle, a fictitious magical company that’s essentially google + apple + facebook + twitter + every other smart startup you’ve heard of, combined. as someone who’s pretty connected to social media, i found the book fascinating. a good read, especially if you’re an eggers fan.



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