what i want this week: volume 5



this week’s wishlist is all about spring: bright, fun, lighter shades, a fabulous (and relatively inexpensive!) overnighter for weekend trips to the beach, and the most fabulous phone case i’ve seen in a long time. how much do i love those loeffler randall leopard sandals? leopard is a neutral, folks. and that hooray! tote from bando is pretty much guaranteed to bring you happiness each time you wear it. lord knows i could use an internal parade of hoorays in my mind. couldn’t we all?

i’ve heard great things about oribe’s texturizing spray. i want to get my hands on a travel sized version to test it out. ever since i chopped my hair, i’ve been into the messy bobbed look, but despite by best attempts, my hair dries not-as-all-tousled-and-totally-regular.

these peachy pink mirrored ray bans from j.crew practically shout spring from the rooftops, and with a little savings time, i might just make them mine. it’s unclear as to whether i can pull off the mirrored look, but that’s what free returns are for!

what have you been coveting lately?


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