happy weekend!


wowee, it’s been a while since i’ve shared all roundup of my fave things on the internets. sad times, my friends, sad times. just kidding, i know no one really cares about the the list of things i enjoyed in the past week. but just in case one or two of you does, here they are. the things i watched/loved/laughed at/cried at this week.

this clip of jennifer lawrence telling seth myers about the time she puked at guy oseary’s oscar party is priceless. also, her hair is looking GOOD right now. if i didn’t have the roundest of round faces, i’d be all chop chop chop at the hair salon, asap.

this piece from the guardian about how everyone (and i mean everyone) is just winging it, all the time. even, you know, the president and his disciples, and the people you look up to.

this post from writer anne lamott made me feel all of the feelings. so many feelings in fact, that i wrote a piece about it.

i made this risotto this week in honor of asparagus officially being EVERYWHERE. man i love spring. and this recipe. martha, you are my GIRL.

i’m dying over the everygirl cofounder alaina kaczmarski’s lincoln park apartment. everything alaina touches turns to interior design gold, and this place is no different. some serious late-20-something life inspiration, that girl is.

it seems a bit silly to spend $7.99 on a kindle book that can, in its entirety, be found online – and  yet i’m so tempted to buy george saunders’ congratulations, by the way, which is a printed version of the commencement speech the author gave at syracuse last year. the topic? kindness. and how we need to employ it more.

i’m obsessed with the fig house, an emily henderson-designed event space in los angeles that is so stupidly beautiful and cool i can’t take it. seriously, take a look.

my roommate walked in on me watching the end of the latest nashville episode, pretty much sobbing to this scene. i’ve had this song on repeat ever since. i can’t get enough. i wish they’d record the duet version. i also wish sam palladio was my best friend/boyfriend/lover/husband/all of the above.

i’m home at my parents’ house for the weekend, eating ice cream from my favorite place and sleeping a lot and generally doing a whole lot of nothing. which is at once lame and glorious. here’s hoping you’re having a wonderful memorial day weekend, whatever you’re doing!


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