happy weekend!

happyweekendguess what, you guys?! i’m baaack! i didn’t really mean to disappear for a month, but life got in the way. summer, and all. but i recently purchased a spiralizer, and have been making some reallly good food that deserves a place to shine. and i’ve got some fun trips coming up that deserve documentation. so, here i am, back in the habit.

this past week was one of the rougher ones, work-wise. i had a few moments where i was pretty sure i was going to throw my computer out the window and/or throw myself out the window. but now it’s friday, and i have summer fridays, otherwise known as the best invention ever, so this gal will be leaving the office around 2pm today. WOOHOO.

tomorrow, i’m headed out on the water for my friend nick’s annual birthday fishing trip, which requires that we get up at the crack of dawn and get our butts out to sheepshead bay, brooklyn. i’m not big on the actual fishing, per se (it makes me a bit sad, to be honest), but it’s always fun to be out on the water, and the weather is supposed to be absolutely perfect tomorrow.

i’m hoping to spend part of this weekend putting together some new posts for my (few but proud) readers, but in the meantime, here are some fun things i liked this week:

instagram vs. real life . so much truth in this little piece. and kind of also a lot of sadness, because social media has taken over our lives and it’s ever so slightly pathetic (i include myself here).

vogue asks blake lively 73 questions. you know, when blake lively’s new venture, preserve, launched this week, i read lots of hilarious articles about it. and i made fun of her in my head, and thought to myself, god, blake lively is sooo annoying and pretentious, i can’t believe i ever sort of liked her! and then i watched this video interview with vogue, and i was all, GOD, blake lively is AWESOME and actually quite cultured and hilarious, and interesting to boot. nice one, vogue.

a beachfront hotel in tulum. my bar method friends and i booked a trip to tulum in october, and i literally could not be more excited. it’s what’s getting me through my days, let’s be honest. we haven’t yet booked our hotel, so i’ve been spending lots of my free time at work looking at places to stay, and this one is high on my list.

i’ve been making a lot of this ice cream lately, and it is the best thing i’ve ever tasted.

i think the whole basic bitch meme (is it a meme?) is hilarious, so i got a HUGE kick out of lauren conrad calling allure magazine out on labeling her as a basic bitch.

i’m still obsessed with jessica golds’ pretty little liars recaps on vulture.


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