what to pack: a mexico beach vacation


mar y sol beach tote | j. crew studded gladiator flats | illesteva mirrored sunglasses | one truffle travel pouch | fouta turkish towel | revlon lipstain | straw fedora | sandcastle maxi | madewell embroidered tunic | beach tee | cuyana weekender (sold out, fingers crossed it comes back in stock!) | bobbi brown beach body oil | kindle paperwhite |

in mid october, a few friends and i are headed down to tulum for a long weekend, and i kid you not when i say i am counting down the days. every time i want to lose my shit on the subway, or get cranky at work, i take a few deep breaths and picture myself sitting on the beach with a fruity drink (possibly one that’s actually inside a coconut) in hand and i feel a bit better. over the past few years, i’ve come to realize the value of vacations where you’re not really doing anything, except maybe tanning and eating and reading all the books you’ve been meaning to read over the past year.

that’s exactly what i plan to do in tulum, with a swim or a massage and a whole lot of sleeping peppered in.

ahhh, bliss. just for fun, i put together a packing list of what i’m planning on bringing on my upcoming trip. i’m hoping to pack super light, and to put everything in a weekender bag that will qualify as a carryon. that means whisper thin white gauzy pieces that can double as beach coverups and dinner attire, a singular pair of gladiator sandals (i got these on sale at j.crew recently and love them!), some body oil that can double as perfume, a lip crayon for a pop of color, a fouta towel for beachside lounging, and a whole lot of sunscreen. what more does a girl need?

beyond a cracked open coconut from which to drink, not much.


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