happy weekend!


how is it possible that this week felt long when it was in actuality quite short? last week, i worked just one full day, and a “half day” from montauk (which doesn’t really count, right?), and this week, i worked just monday-thursday. and yet, by 3pm on thursday afternoon, i was ready to call it quits. things have been a bit slower at work as of late, and that always makes me feel sleepy and all together unaccomplished. after a week away from my usual workout routine, it was really nice to get back into the groove. in just 4 days, i managed to squeeze in 4 bar method classes and 2 soul classes, which makes me feel like much less of a lump – a lump who’s eaten a shit ton of ice cream cones lately, i might add. next week i’ll have another 4 day week that’ll likely be just as slow, given that it’s pre-labor day, and after that, it’s back to the daily grind of 5 day work weeks with no summer fridays in sight for a very long time. but at least it’s almost fall, and i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t super excited to get back into my cozy sweaters and leggings uniform. i’m a bit sick of my maxi dresses, and there’s really nothing more comfy than a giant scarf. here’s to autumn and apple picking just around the corner!

anywho, now that i’ve given you that boring update, below are a few things i liked this week.

keeping starbucks stores unique. on how a coffee chain that might seem like a sea of sameness works hard to differentiate its retail stores.

a hilarious critique of people who live in brooklyn. my brooklyn friends, i love you, but you really do talk like this, at least, a lot of the time.

hitting the rest button in your brain. hint: going on vacation but still checking your instagram feed every ten seconds does not count.

my photo went viral. this piece broke my heart and put it back together all at once. here’s to us defending one another and building each other up instead of breaking one another down.

the business of taylor swift. on her carefully calculated image, and the fact that she changes her hair every two years. plus, is her new video racist?

actor jesse williams talks about the michael brown case.

jessie randall of loeffler randall’s beauty routine (with a soulcycle shoutout!).

and, just for good measure, some good advice from jenna lyons on getting old (hint, eat ice cream).

PS: i’m currently reading this book and i can’t put it down.


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