6 jumpsuits to wear now into fall

6 jumpsuits to wear into fall


hi my name is sarah and i think i need to check into jumpsuit rehab. i can’t stop buying them. i can’t stop wearing them. my coworkers probably think i only own three outfits (if a jumpsuit can even be considered an outfit). i can’t wait to transition my jumpsuits into fall outfits, complete with slouchy sweaters and oversized scarves. i just CAN’T GET ENOUGH. i mean, they’re essentially pajamas that can pass as real outfits. what more could you want?

thankfully, it seems like i’m not the only one who’s obsessed. topshop and nordstom, as well as my beloved anthropologie, have jumped on the jumpsuit train, and jumped on hard. this printed version is soo chic for september (insert rachel zoe voice), and this one is straight up sex pot. hellooo, strapless sweetheart neckline. i like you, yes i do. above are six options i’d happily add to my closet (i think i might just splurge on this joie option after seeing it on emily schuman). what about you? are you on the jumpsuit train?


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